Ani Bester (ani_bester) wrote in hetalia,
Ani Bester

England Cosplay Photos "Hetalia Dark Circus AU"

Title: Welcome to the Show
Costume/Makeup: ani_bester
Concept by: Lukas_king_of_butter (instagram tag name)
Characters England and Wales
Rating: G
Warnings: AU (which I guess is more of an FYI than a warning)
Summary: So over on Instagram, Cosplayer Lukas_king_of_butter posted a picture of herself as Norway witha Dark Circus team and tagged it Hetaliadarkcircus and asked others to join in.

So I happen to be a big fan of circuses and Vaudeville and such so this wpushe dme to go past my comfort zone, and I got way more involved in make and photo editing than I ever had before. It was lots of fun and I hope you enjoy them too :)
(and if you are on instagram, check out the tag #hetaliadarkcircus, because there is some amazing cosplay there)

An little intro graphic I made showing both characters. England is my main Cosplay for Hetalia. Wales is a character I kinda want to do (My dad has always been very proud of our families Welsh heritage, even if it from way way back) but I have been nervous. For this though, I went ahead because it gave me an excuse to dress up all over again!
Why I am more nervous about cosplaying Wales than England IDK. but I am.

England I saw as a Ventriloquist as I felt it worked for him geven he speaks for the other UK nations in Hetalia and well spoke for quite a few as the British Empire. Either that or puppet Master. Both I felt worked well with his character.

Wales I was stumped on a bit, until someone mentioned juggler. I liked that I thought it fit with how he has juggled his own national identity against being the First Colony of England. I really like the anger in this one. That was fun to do!

Three More Edits:

These I didn't expect to use, but they made a fun behind the scenes collage.

This was fun playing around with photos of each nation that worked well together.

This was my favorite photo out of both shots, and obviously my fave of Wales.
The quote means "Everything you have in this world is only borrowed for a short time." Credit to's list of "24 beautiful Welsh proverbs and sayings that show the language at its finest"

My favorite of England.I loved making him look slightly twisted (and one of the other cosplayers did a puppet America cosplay! That was really neat!)

And then her eare just some of my favorite photos. I was bummed I never got any that came out well that showed the full outfit, but maybe another time!

Tags: -england, fan: cosplay, fan: layouts

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