Jammer Lea (jammerlea) wrote in hetalia,
Jammer Lea

Community Notice 2: Import Complete!

Just to let everyone know, all posts and comments have been imported to the Dreamwidth Hetalia community! There were a handful of posts that didn't copy over correctly. I'll post some details on those under the cut.

If you want to move over to Dreamwidth, I also recommend claiming your OpenID so that all imported posts and comments you made can be attached to your Dreamwidth account. This'll give you access to edit your community posts like you do here. There is a tutorial on how to claim your OpenID here. (Note: it may take around 15 minutes to get the verification email, but it should work.)

ALSO due to this move being made in this fashion, IF YOU ARE A CREATOR AND DO NOT WANT YOUR FANWORKS COPIED TO DREAMWIDTH, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We'll do what we can to comply with your request. If you could supply us with the URL to your post here on LJ, that would be a great help!

Thank you everyone for your understanding!

Entries that had errors upon being imported due to template formatting or embedding issues:

Entries that failed to import due to using the poll feature, which the DW community doesn't permit:

Failed to post due to "invalid username":
Tags: community: mod
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