Ani Bester (ani_bester) wrote in hetalia,
Ani Bester

UK Brothers Art Dump

Title: UK Brothers Art Dumb
Artist: ani_bester
Rating: G
Characters: England, Sealand, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, republic of Ireland, Cornwall
Media: Ink, gel pens, and highlighters
Ships: N/A
Warnings: NA (OCs??)
Description: The first is a set 0f images showing the UK Isle siblings with dogs (and one cat) related to where they live. Then just other images of the UK siblings interacting.

And thus ends the UK Brothers and Pets Series :)
I was pretty proud of this one, and if people still bought Hetalia merch at Artist Alley's, I would totally sell this. Buuutt . . they don't. :(

Ireland and Northern Ireland work to decorate the tree.

Joke based on Welsh Folklore creatures which superficially kinda like British/Scottish Death Dogs, but really not.

Great Britain. I feel like this pic looks like Scotland and England plotted to annoy Wales and are now insufferably pleased with themselves.

More Welsh stuff, in this case one of my Christmas pictures depicted Wales celebrating with the Mari Lwyd, because what Christmas celebration is complete without a decorated horse skull and riddle games!

Again, I know this is OC heavy which I shouldn't post but the group is so slow now, I hope it is ok :/ But if not, let me know, and I'll edit it back to just pics which include England or Sealand.
Tags: -england, -sealand, fan: art

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