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[Scanlation] Comic Diary 9 last

I figure I should take a break from WoW and finish this eventually.

Original here

■NO kangaroo NO koala■

A cheer for Austria who, last year, in a sulk
changed his name, but nobody will remember at all.

I was confused by this, as Austria hasn't had any terribly recent name changes. However, according to itomaru, in Japanese his name has changed from オーストリア (Austria) to オーストリー (Ōsutorī) because it was so easily confused with Australia, a problem also found in English. Except we didn't bother to change the name. The name change also, according to itomaru, seems largely unsuccessful, as not even the media uses the new name. Looks like information was from the Japanese wikipedia page. Those who can can read Japanese, more here.


It's kind of graffiti of when they were smaller

■Pasta isn't coming■

The South mainly eats pasta.
Only the North's dinner table is in Switzerland's and Germany's sphere of influence.

I think I translated the title of that one wrong. Anyway, finally...

■Let's give it a shot! The way someone from the Meiji era would give a phone call■

In the 23rd year of Meiji, Japan's phone system
first made an entrance. It seems that about 280 people
had one at the time.

And, at that time, people who used the telephone would use
"ahoy-hoy" and "hello" when using the phone.
Eventually, the citizenship decided upon "hello" but,
"ahoy-hoy" has the sound of a true Tokyoite and is nice, don't you think?

So, in Japanese, it's moshimoshi for hello when you pick up a phone. I translated that to hello. The "old way" is "oioi" which I initially translated as what ho, but changed it to ahoy-hoy upon reading ellegunis' suggestion. I think it fits better, for a variety of reasons. You can read more via the wikipedia article ellegunis provided here and more here.

I have corrected an initial error I made myself, but am still waiting for someone to call me out on some of the things I'm unsure of that I listed above. I'll check back later tonight.
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