Mad-HatterArashi (madhatterarashi) wrote in hetalia,

[Scanlation] Four strips from Comic Diary 10

Translated by: madhatterarashi
Edited by: minako85

The originals are here

- Germany, Italy and the Kübelwagen -

And then, he's said to have been rescued after 30 minutes by a man who was around there.

- Excuses -

Italians' excuses are too cute.

- March Revolution Executive -

What's this miserable revolution?

[Revolutions of the year 1848]

The wind of revolution was enfolding all Europe

[March Revolution]

In Vienna too there has been a revolution once. For a thing like "France is doing it, actual life conditions are painful, well then shall we make a revolution?" started the miserable March Revolution.


The Archduchesses and Empress that cast away the older Metternich.
Sophie Friederike Dorothea Wilhelmine von Bayern.

Thanks to the uprising of this revolution, she used as a pretext the will of the whole nation.
At the imperial court she managed to cast away the spendthrift, huge-faced Metternich.

Even though she's famous for being an historical unkind mother-in-law, to tell the truth she's said to have had difficulties in many things.


Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar von Metternich.

The lady-killers, genious of diplomacy, Austrian prime minister (German).
Metternich was a spendthrift (In order to cheer up the daughter of Napoleon he gave her a villa as a present) but he was clever and showed talent also in the field of diplomacy. So, after he was drove out, Austria didn't know anymore who was better at doing what and entered in a caotic situation both up and down.

Only one man is gone but everyone get nervous. Austria, it's a great country.

Austria's domestic affairs were like this but, at Custoza, it will be decided to start a struggle "to the death" against Italy, in the rain.

- The three Baltic States that lacks unity -

By the way, in the long history of the three Baltic States it seems like they experienced some internal discord about their degree of indipendence from the long-lasting Soviet Union. They experienced it during WW2 too, because they didn't know if they should side up with Germany or Russia.

Eventually, they turned to neutrality...

...but the worst situation occurred, that is to say they got attacked by both sides.

Translator's Notes:

[Kübelwagen]: This is a Kübelwagen, a military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porche and built up by Volkswagen during ww2. As for that Giulini Italy's talking about, I seriously don't have the slighest idea of who he may be.
[March Revolution]: One of the revolutions that broke out in 1848 in German states, during which the Austrian prime minister Klemens von Metternich was asked by the Diet of Lower Austria to resign. In the end, the Emperor of Austria (Sophie von Bayern was the wife of the Emperor's brother) complied to the Diet's requests and dismissed him.
As for Custoza, it is one of the battles of the First italian Indipendence War.

I would like to thanks my lovely and wonderful friend rukirin88, for all the help she gave to me.
On a totally unreleated note, even though Custoza was a defeat, it was one of the battle Italy fought for his freedom. So, somehow, today is a pretty fitting day for this strip to be posted...
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