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Hetalia Papercraft Tutorial

In this post community.livejournal.com/hetalia/1648232.html, iroh_fancier asks help for making Hetalia papercraft dolls.

So, I decided to make "little" tutorial of making one!

First of all.
Print out the patterns you want. You can find patterns from Pixiv and there is some in LJ too.
I'm going to make France paperdoll, but you can choose anyother you want.
But if you're first-timer, don't choose Sealand. His hat and hair is pretty hard to make.
Good example of easy doll is England.

But, let's begin!

You need the pattern, scissors, glue stick (I'm using old paintbrush), dead ballpointpen (I'm usin my tablet pen @_@. BUT! MAKE SURE BALLPOINTPEN YOU USE IS REALLY DEAD!) and some glue (I'm using Wood glue).

I usually start with the head, because it's easy.  Cut it look like in this picture.


You see the red lines I made into the photo? Yes.
Now, you need your dead ballpointpen (or what ever you're using) and "draw" lines like I drew them into this picture.
It's easier to fold patterns if you do this step.

It should look like this after folded lines. Now, get your glue and glue stick.

Use glue to the WHITE spots and put them together like in this photo ^

Do same trick to the other side. It actually starts look like a head now...

Now, your paperdolls head should look like this.
Add glue into the white places and...

...do like this! Tada! Your paperdolls head is done!

And now to the next step~

Hair. Cut it look like this. And see again those red lines I drew? Yes you see.
Now do the same trick you did to head.

Good. Now it should be like this.
Then, take your glue and glue stick. You need them again.

In hair, it's easy to figure out how to glue tahem together. Now your paperdolls hair should be something like this.

Now just put glue and add hair to the head.

TADA! Whole head is ready now!

Next step~

This is body. Do again the same line trick with your dead pen and fold.

Good. Again get your glue and glue stick~

It's easy~

NOW. Important:
Some of the paperdolls don't have jacket, but some has. Like for example, Sweden, Russia, America and France have. If your paperdoll doesn't have, skip these next steps.

You know what to do~

Tada! Jacket is ready!
Now time to put it on!

Take body-part.

Like this. Use some glue to make sure jakcet don't fall off later.

And France has somekind of scraft or what ever it is. If your paperdoll doesn't have one, skip these steps too.

Now. We can't add scraft or what ever it is, before we do hands.

IMPORTANT! Remember to do this step or your paperdoll is handless. 8(

These are hands. They're really small, so be careful with them.

Do it like this...

Do the same with another hand and add it too.
Now back for the Frances scraft.

I used little bit of glue to add it, but it's not necessary.
Then you put some glue and add head!

Like this~

Hey! We're almost done!

Now for the legs!

These are legs. They're so small too. So be careful with them too. >.<''

And now just put it to France.

Do the same with another leg and you're done!

Accompli! Now it's finally ready. '3'

This tutorial may not be perfect, but it's my way to make papercraft dolls.
If there is something you didn't understand, just ask me. I'll be happy if you'll ask!
I also wanna say sorry, if my english is not correct! >_>

But I hope even someone got some help and answers with this tutorial.
I'm really glad if you can tell did my tutorial help you and picture of your result would be nice to see too! ^^



Tags: -france, fan: crafts
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