Yuujin Tooyama (eu9eni3) wrote in hetalia,
Yuujin Tooyama

Hetalia Doujin - August 17th

Ummm, this is my handmade doujin =.=;;

I think this a little bit very stupid doujin xD

Title : August 17th
Pairing : JapanxIndonesia no, I thought no pairing at english version, but I added some ChinaxJapan hints in Indonesian version. *smacked*
Author : Yuujin Tooyama -me eu9eni3 -,
and translated by my coalition (?), iteyoshii 
(we're in the same grade and you can say same school too.. but why I'm more stupid in english? DX)
Rating : G *I dunn understand about this rating.. hahahahaha*
Warning : OC, OOC.
Summary : hmmm, I'm worrying about my bad grammar and summary.. =___=;;
so, this is about world war 2 in Indonesia's point of view. yeah, it's Indonesia! He's OC at this doujin XD
if you don't know about Indonesia, it's near Australia and Singapore. And they say Indonesia and Malaysia are siblings x3

so, that's xD
I feel very stupid at grammar.. =_=;;

oh right, if you want to download it..
English version (about 2-3 mb) : http://www.mediafire.com/?tjiimy4zwym
Indonesian version (with some addition and political jokes) (7 mb) : http://www.mediafire.com/?yhwnzotwwgq
or you can read-online Indonesian version in my blog http://eu9eni3.multiply.com/photos/album/19/Hetalia_Doujin_AUGUST_17th_handmade

enjoy! ^_____^
Tags: -japan, x do not use this tag - doujin
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