June 18th, 2008

[badou] CIG-AR-ETTE!!!


There will be an Axis Powers Hetalia drama CD that is going to be released at this summer's Natsu Comiket (Summer Comic Market)!  Also released on that day will be the Hetalia Trading Cards!

More information here!

So far, three seiyuus have been released, and the rest will be announced on June 26th!  (Can't wait!!)

The seiyuus that have been announced are for the Axis Powers,  Japan, Italy, and Germany.

Japan's seiyuu: Hiroki Takahashi.  Best known for his roles as Kikumaru Eiji from Prince of Tennis, Squalo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hisoka from HunterxHunter, and Jounouchi (Joey) from YuGiOh!

Germany's seiyuu: Hiroki Yasumoto.  Best known for his role as Chad (Sado Yasutora) in Bleach.

Italy's seiyuu: Daisuke Namikawa.  Best known for his roles as Fai from Tsubasa as well as Ootori Choutarou from Prince of Tennis.

More news as they're updated!