July 5th, 2008

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Why hello there!
I just stumbled over Hetalia the other week and have been basking in it's glory ever since then =D
Long story short, I drew fanart because that's just my way of coping with new obsessions.

Title: The 'Entente Cordiale' Treaty
Author/Artist: lemiru
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK, France
Rating: safe
Warnings: I guess my stile is not moe enough for this...
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[news/mod] Consensus!

Okay, from the poll in the last post, the consensus was this--it shouldn't really matter whether or not we use nation names or human names, and a majority of the community expressed a wish to continue using nation names, since that is what makes Hetalia fun and special.

So there will be no rigid rule of "you must do something," but if you'd like, please go ahead and use the human names in fics, fanart, or labeling.  The only thing I will ask is that you stick to nation names when using tags.

Which brings me to the next point about tags.

I have taken the liberty of going through all of our posts and adding tags to them to make navigating through the community's posts more convenient.  Members are encouraged to also use the tags that exist so that other people can have an easier time trying to find certain characters or fan stuff that they would like access to.  Also, even if you do have a pairing in your work, just put the tag of the nation name as opposed to the pairing so that the tag list doesn't grow too big.

For example, if your pairing is UK/Japan, just put japan, uk in the tag.  The labeling be able to do the rest.

For a list of the tags, go here.

Finally, so that you're not constantly just reading my mod posts, SOME GREAT NEWS.


The goods include:

-Metallic charms of all the nations whose profiles have been released thus far.  There are two box sets: Set A, with gold tags, and Set B, with silver tags.  Each set has 12 characters plus one white "I surrender" flag, and if you get the box, you will be guaranteed to get a Romano (Southern Italy) charm. 

All charms have lobster clamps on them, and you can put them on your cellphone strap, zipper fastener, whatever.

Each charm costs 525 yen, and the box costs 6300 yen each.  (which means you'll be coughing up a grand total of 12600 yen for both...oh dear)

-Character trading cards

-The Drama CD in question

-There will also be a memo pad with the Italy brothers on the cover that will sell for 367 yen (tax included).