July 27th, 2008

APH: Spain Blush

[SCANLATION] Independence Day

Sorry this is so late. My photoshop crashed and I had to mess around with it and have my friend burn me a disk to get it fixed.

But... HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA-SAN, even if it's late. This comic represents this!

Editing this was pretty difficult honestly. It was hard getting the amount of words in these bubbles. I couldn't make the font too small because then you wouldn't be able to read it and I'm not a big fan of having the text go outside the bubble. However, for these particular layouts.. I was forced to. So, I apologize that this isn't top notch.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you equivalent_t for translating this for us! I hope your program gets fixed soon!

Title: Axis Powers Hetalia: Independence Day
Translator: equivalent_t
Editor: ryuichi

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Thanks for viewing and sorry for the delay!
little italy

[SCANLATION] America and England

Inspired by the last scanlation post, I suddenly felt like scanlating a small piece.
It's the "America and England" short story.

Scanlation under the cut:

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Because I like these two♪
And thanks to everyone in this community. Your constant creativity inspires me.

Edit: re-uploaded images to a new host due to bandwidth issues OTL (just in case, remember please do not link to these files elsewhere!)
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[doujin] Debut

I come bearing a very very roughly drawn doujinshi!  It was done a while ago, when I still thought that the UK/HK pairing had a chance of being a cute, sweet pairing.  But then recently a very generous anon on hetalia_kink as well as myself totally JOSSED my own brain and then it took a deep dive into Hell.


Also, kohikki, I'm working on your request (I know what to draw and everything!), but the current kink meme has made my brain turn into useless mush.

So,  here's a doujin from when I still thought of UK/HK as innocent.  Ahhh, that was, what...a month ago? *laughs*

Title: Debut
Author/Artist: </a></b></a>youkofujima
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK, Hong Kong (young), Russia, China, Taiwan. 
Rating: PG
Warnings: Very everywhere type of doujin (drawing, dialog, everything).  Also, Hong Kong is VERY young (younger than the way I usually draw him)
Summary: Debut of UK bringing Hong Kong to a social event.  Takes place shortly after the Opium Wars, which is before the Bloody Sunday Incident, so Russia is shown as having still a speck of sanity.

Six pages.  Large images.
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I'll get to working on scanlations when I'm not bogged down by bunnies.  Can someone do the text editing if I do the translations?
[aph] c&#39;mere you

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Title: APH Sketch Dump #1
Author/Artist: akaru_hana/829
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Belarus, Vietnam, US, UK, Russia, Canada
Rating: er... G?
Warnings: nothing really. though my sketchbook is a bit bigger than my (new) scanner so some of the pics are a bit wonky o_O and unwanted commentary, haha.

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Hungary Singing~

Uhh yeah Tegaki fun with Hungary. Made a canada one but I enjoy this one the most =3=

Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hungary
Rating: E for Everyone
Warnings: None.
Summary: Just a singing Hungary...uhh its in yellow so beware of brightness ahaha

FYI: Yes I made the hideous icon XD;;;

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