August 13th, 2008

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[scanlation] Lithuania's Out Sourcing Series

Hey everyone! Was on a roll and decided to translate one of my personal favourite strips, "Lithuania's Out Sourcing" series!

Also, sorry about the typo on the last post. Lativa=Latvia. I need more sleep.

The usual, translation by youkofujima and editing by konkira, thanks for your hard work!

Note: Russia addresses America as "America-kun," but due to the size of the word bubbles, it was edited out.

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Oh god sleep. And oh god why is Russia/Lithuania so awesome? This series is the reason why I love that pairing.
AN CAFE- Takuya <3

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Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/Lithuania, a doodle of England and a cracky Ireland oc.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some crack centred around Lithuania's beatings, a teeny bit of nudity but its just chibis
Summary: I was bored and I felt like doodling and this is what I came up with, excuse my bad colouring....
Very Image heavy...

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[fanart] jumping on the parade of nations bandwagon..

Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Poland
Rating: G
Warnings: I can't draw
Summary: Just another Parade of Nations outfit

By no means I consider myself and artist and if I draw something, it's usually a sketchy pencil doodle, because sketchiness manages to cover some of my fail XD; But smart kid forgot to bring and eraser and I can't do without it, so my only choice was to use Photoshop x tablet = usually-otp-but-not-when-i'm-using-it. I don't even like our team's outfits, but if everyone else can be drawn and posted, Poland deserves it as well.

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We'll Paint It Red

[Fanart] China's plans for Tibet--Mandarin-style

Artist: kasugai_gummie
Characters: China, Tibet
Rating: PG (for good-natured Tibet-abuse l-lol)
Warnings: ... good-natured Tibet-abuse? Um. lulz?
Notes: Inspired by this thread, which is a part of this larger thread of overall win on Tibet's journal. Also illustrated without permission >_> ::ducks into bomb shelter::

ETA!DISCLAIMER: Since it would seem that people are actually going back through all those posts and looking at this pic--

I'm quite familiar with Sino-Tibetan relations and history. In addition, my roommate is taking a course on Tibetan culture and all its trappings, and regales me with the interesting tidbits about how everything started off as a series of really lame misunderstandings from both sides. Plus the west. And then there's the whole Western ideology propaganda mucking everything else up.

This piece was meant to make fun of the entire culminating civil-rights hoopla surrounding the two atm. Satirizing a stereotype if you will. If you're offended by it, that's fine, expected even--seeing how it was done in a tongue-in-cheek manner over a really convoluted issue anyway. But realize that this is in no way intending to demonize China or victimize Tibet.

Dedication: For the awesome, awesome China-mun and Tibet-mun (Austria-mun gets an honorable mention too!) over at aphdressingroom. For their brilliant threads which always make me laugh (thereby making me even more of a Bad Person than I already am... OTL)

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You are now able to listen to a part of the HETALIA DRAMA CD ON THE ANIMATE SITE. (I searched for a while for this.)

Here. Click on the orange "PLAY" button.

The voices you hear are (I think, by their ways of speech and mottos), in order of appearance:

-Austria (cuz he says "O baka san.")
-Germany (easily recognizable)