August 19th, 2008

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Rating: E
Warning: None in particular...unless you dont like half naked guys >3>
Summary: Just Japan....

it was orginally supposed to be Japan...But i thought it looked prettier in pigtails(i didnt notice that until i finished...since i've been drawing this at like 1-3AM for two days)

I dont know HOW i drew this. i just did?

the colours. My photoshop7.0 has some colour management issues. so it looks darker when i post...If anyone knows how to fix it...*HUGS* for you.  
Here it is: the direct URL since im too sleepy sorry.
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freedom to Palestine

fic fic ficccc: Russia/China

Originally a part of a larger Hetalia fic, but I got lazy (or discouraged) and decided it could possibly stand on its own. :D Heil to my shot in the dark!

Title: Small Sea Story
Author: Me.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Russia/China; Korea, Japan
Rating: PG-14...(?)
Warnings: Slight shounen ai; all atmosphere, no atmospheric pressure; a whole bunch of extended metaphors; liberties taken -- MAYBE OOC.
Summary: In which the history of China almost becomes synonymous with the history of Russia, problems are swept under the rug, and Russia is really damn creepy.

( darling, let's discuss our tactics: )