August 22nd, 2008

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[icons] Hetalia iconsssssses

I forgot to mention on the post itself and I'm way too lazy to log back into the other journal to fix it, but some of the Hetalia icons are from parody vids~!

xxxHOLIC Doujin [34 icons]
Junjou Romantica [24 icons]
Clover OVA [17 icons]
Hetalia [34 icons + 7 variations]
AIR [12 icons]
Ouran Host Club [11 icons]
Hatenkou Yuugi [7 icons]
O7-Ghost [7 icons]
Misc [15 icons]
Amatsuki, Nabari no Ou, Soul Eater, 1 Million Tears, Baccano, Time Stranger Kyoko

Total: [161 icons + 7 variations]

+ Textless icons are NOT bases. But on that note, if you want a certain base, tell me and I'll get it for you!
+ Comments are lovely and credit is required!

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( Over at my icon journal~ )

I have so many more bases. My numbering is all messed up because I save them weird so... file 013 will be next to file 026 and so on hahaha but I will have more, once I get motivated enough. I think I'm iconed out after batch-cramming Hetalia and Junjou ;;;
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[Fan Art] Uniforms Ahoy!!!

Artist: </a></b></a>jali_jali
Character(s): Axis Powers and Allied Forces
Rating: G (really)
Warnings: slightly inaccuracy and Extreme!Make over on Feliciano's face
Summary: I always have a secret obsession on men in uniforms, now's the time to make you all fall into the same mud as me!!! Muahaha

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Hope you enjoy!
[seal] I&#39;m an egg

[scanlations] Lithuania's Out Sourcing Series Part II

This is part two of the Lithuania's Out Sourcing Series! Part One is here!

There were some extra pics and request fills in the page where this manga was posted, but I figured since it had nothing to do with the continuity, I left them out.

Once again, translations done by youkofujima and edits done by konkira , thanks so much for your help!

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