August 27th, 2008

Hetalia - Austria
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Hello everyone~
I made some icons and I thought I'd share. Ah, but keep in mind that I'm still very new at photoshoppin' and iconin' so they may not be up to your standards~ Especially the custom-colored Sweden one orz;;; BUT I LIKE SHARING? :Da

Antique Bakery - x8
Axis Powers Hetalia - x15
Special A - x4
Misc - x8 (Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Shugo Chara, VOCALOID, Suikoden V, Soul Eater)


( and the rest are over here~ )

Thanks for looking *A* !

sunou ღ there is no forever


Forgive me if you're on my flist and see this like, five times.

Anyway, new member and (somewhat) new fan here! I've known about Hetalia for a while, but I only really got into it yesterday, and am now bringing you the product of my Hetalia-high. I hope you like it~

Artist: carupico
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK
Rating: G
Summary: A pretty straightforward piece of the UK. I'm not going to write too much here, since I'll be linking you to another post where I wrote a whole bunch about it already. \o/

( I think this is the first time I've ever made a fake cut! 8D )
[basara] calm...

[mod] Calling Scanlators

Due to the rising number of members and able-bodied people who can scanlate, it has been brought to my attention that we would probably need a check sheet of who is doing what so that scanlations will be more efficient and there will be less bumps of "I am doing the same project, oops" incidents.

If you are a scanlator, or are working on a scanlation, please post here with

-your username
-the strip you are currently working on
-the strip you will "claim" to translate
-the link to the strip in question

If in the event that you are dropping out of a claim to a strip, please also inform the other scanlators so that the scanlation can be made.

Please check the "scanlation" tag to see which strips have already been scanlated.

This post will be linked in the link list on the main page of the community. It will be checked and updated as scanlations are claimed.

Current claim list:

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ALSO, concerning rules, as a reminder:

-please make sure your posts have SOMETHING to do with Hetalia. Making a post that says "I saw a kid who looks like ____________" or "I saw a ton of flags lined up together and Japan's was next to Italy's" constitutes as SPAM unless you have something more substantial to go along with the post---like icons, banners, fics, fanart, etc. Just a photo or a video link of the above mentioned would constitute as spam and is better put into your personal LJ.

-DON'T FORGET TO CREDIT FANARTISTS/NICO NICO VIDEOS for any icons or banners that you make! It's as posted in the rules--fanart icons are allowed so long as at the end of the icon post, you post the list of fanartists' sites that you got them from. If you downloaded them from 4chan, please say so or ask others to tell you if they know. Most of us have bookmarks of our fave artists and would know where those pics came from.