September 6th, 2008


UK's ultimate plan to Conquer US ! *Fancomic*


But its destiny that he is the way he is lololol XD

Uhhh instead of typical doodles i made a comic about the idea i had for a while... XD;

Hope you will like it.
That crap took me 4 hours >____<

Translation credits goes to Masakaji! He actually IS fvrom UK and i asked him to express characters the proper way (You know, USA and UK's english differ a lot xD )
So alfred end up with Texasish talking way lol XD

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Greetings + Fanfiction

Hey all, name's world_supremacy and I'm new to LJ! I've been lurking around this community for quite a while, and finally got a backbone (more like got off my lazy ass) and made a LJ account. I'm an absolute history nut (I seriously heart the subject to the extent that I have a US history study guide thing on my bedside table. Yeah, major loser alert ^^; ), so I fell in love with this manga straight away.

Anyway, I hope I haven't turned you off already with my lame introduction, because I come bearing a gift!

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school of Hetalia

This is a picture of the games to call "the school of Hetalia" of the parody work of Hetalia The exhibition has been already over, but I seem to be producing a full version and depend on pleasure

Because I write it, I am sorry to be able to write the English in the interpreter if strange;;

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