September 7th, 2008

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[opinions?] My thoughts on Hetalia in a Philippine daily

Hello Hetalia nakamas~

I recently wrote an article for the local newspaper, The Manila Bulletin, about my thoughts on Hidekaz Himaruya's Hetalia. A friend of mine needed an article for our organization's column, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to explore my opinions, perhaps a thorough look into Himaruya's work.

This is my take on Hetalia -- why I love it, adore it, and why I sometimes feel sad about it. I thought I'd share this with you guys because I was hoping to have a healthy exchange of opinions with the series, why you started reading it and why you continue to read it still.

You may read the article here. It was actually published today. ^^;; Or yesterday, since it's past midnight my time now. I hope the community doesn't mind that I gave a link to the scanlation tag. My country doesn't exactly understand Japanese and I was hoping that this would trigger them to explore the comic and maybe history.

P.S. They also asked me to give examples for the column, so I used some scanlated ones (Germany training with Italy + Italy giving Japan a ride around Italy) for the benefit of the readers. I hope you guys don't mind. I did not profit anything from this article since our organization, Read Or Die, is a non-profit one. The article does link to both Himaruya and the community at the end.

P.P.S. Don't know how to really categorize this post. ;3; halp?

EDIT: The newspaper's website has reset to accomodate this day's section and the article's been taken off. I've placed a copy of it in my website. :)
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I'm relatively new to APH and the community. So I figure I'd start out with some fanart. :)

Characters: Canada. UK. US. Austria. France. Russia.
Rating: PG. For a teensy bit of blood.
Warnings: Blood. Bad coloring. Large image sizes, depending on who you ask. A badly drawn hamburger. A large post in general.
Summary: Some doodles. Mostly from a meme I filled out.

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hetalia chibi

Some silly icons

Yup, they are a bit silly. Twelve icons total, one each for: America, Belarus, England, Finland, France, Greece, Japan, Poland, Prussia, Seychelles, Spain, and Switzerland. If you want to use them, credit is nice, but not necessary.

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So, I'm new here~ Hello, I'm Akari!

I recently fulfilled the art meme here and I, inspired by a request on the kink meme (not fulfilling it, though), I drew a France/Spain/UK pirate!pic =D

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Ohhh, and I have a question for you guys! Any good fanart sites? You appear to have lots, so... Hmn~~~ Willing to share? I'm a major Spain and Austria fan, and I feel they're so unloved. Anything with them in would make me really happy.

Fanart - Request doodles

Author/Artist: haruhara
Character(s): Switzerland, Poland, Austria, USA
Rating: G-PGish
Warnings: Swiss does not like dresses>8o
Summary: I am just slowly finishing off my requests for rishi_san, luminousbeat and death_the_kid. :o They're a few sketches and one colored (I'm getting used to the new tablet whoa. What have I been missing all my life?). I swear I'll bring some better art one day. xD

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