September 11th, 2008

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[fanart] pchat :D

Artist: piratelicker, iyori, kitmun .... (there were other ppl as well but I didn't get their LJ handles. If you were there and would like to be credited, pls leave a comment)
Characters: UK, Egypt, France, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, China and various nations....
Rating: G
Warnings: Crack?
Summary: iyori held a p-chat session last night. This be the results OTL Click on the fake cut to my lj.

(meeting of the world)
POKESPECIAL--gold is love

[drama cd translation]

Long-time lurker, first time poster, the name's Vava! :D

Anyways WOW okay so I just spent like my entire evening translating this with MUCH vocabulary help from Japanese native robo_subaru .  It's the translation (and romanization) of the first track of the Hetalia drama CD.  I thought it would be pretty cool for those who can't speak Japanese! I sure learned a lot of useless Japanese words.

It was actually very difficult for us to tell who's who in a certain part of the track, so if you see anything that you absolutely know is WRONG WRONG WRONG, please do tell. XD We mostly had troubles telling Austria and Japan's voices apart, I think.

I know some things aren't exact translations, but I tried to make them sound less awkward in English.


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[Fanfic] Hush

Title: Hush
Author: seasalts @ asongforsomeone
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Russia x Lithuania, hints of Poland + Lithuania
Warnings: Violence, implied sex (non-con), angst.
Notes: For unlock & obtains, who both requested Russia/Lithuania. Takes place sometime during Lithuania's outsourcing in America. This is my first time writing for Hetalia, and I love this series so I hope that I'm doing it justice!

(Toris feels safe here.)
[seal] I&#39;m an egg

[MOD POST] Mod post is just that--a mod post.

First of all, we have a co-mod now!  (He is on the other side of the planet--it'll help with the whole...time difference thing in case something happens and one of us is at work or sleeping.)  Everyone say hi tomumumugen , the new co-mod!

Also, in regards to recent concerns, I will address them now.

1) About OC Nations:

I should have mentioned this when I first started this community, but I never expected it to get so big, so here is the rule about OC Nations:

Please put them in nationslash.  The reason behind this because of the fact that they are OC nations and not technically characters of Axis Powers Hetalia (created by Hidekaz) and therefore do not count as a part of "fanworks of Hetalia."  So please put them into nationslash by this time next week or I will have to delete them.

2) Concerning fanworks.

Fanworks will be posted as usual onto this comm, and I had originally intended for this community to not only be for scanlations, news, and discussions but also for fanworks.  People have indeed complained about the huge number of posts that seem to have clogged the community as well as their friends' list, and for this, I can only offer the following suggestions:

-Post an art dump (like an art digest) of many pictures in a post, perhaps once or twice a week instead of one picture a day.  This is encouraged for doodles, sketches, and Pchat logs.  But if you feel that your work is something that has taken a great amount of time to complete, go ahead and make one post dedicated to it.  Please use your best judgement.

-If you feel that you are scrolling over too many fanworks to get to news or scanlations and that it's clogging up your flist, my suggestion is to actually takehetalia off your watch list (while still being a member) and then bookmarking the comm itself.  Then use the tag system, which I have posted links to at the top of the comm page.

As such,
-TAGGING AND LABELING ARE NOW REQUIRED.  This is to make things more organized and efficient for people, and also make things easier to read.  The content labeling template can be found in the rules section of the community profile.

-It would be even better (encouraged) if you used also used labeling in the subject line that is in brackets, like the one in this post.  (example: [Mod Post] [fanart] [fanfic] [question], etc.) 


if there is anything I didn't touch upon or need more explaining, please leave a comment!


[Fanart] Misc. Countries

Title: Untitled PChat things
Artist: holy_shpootnik (and some inking help from the PChat goer
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Crappy art, suggested non-con, and antennae touching.

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I apologize for all the really light colors. "orz
I'm really lazy when it comes to coloring in PChat!