September 12th, 2008

Bridal Style - Junpei and Minato

[Question] Greetings and question

I just found out about this fandom due to my clumsy surfing in NicoNico (where I have no idea what I am doing mind you)
And the mistake lead me to this whole new world. 8D
Although I like anime and junk, I also like history and cultural things. Weird - I know. 
But this fandom kinda mushes them together into hot bishonen gag manga thingy. 

You betcha I rejoiced. >: -)

So for past few days I have been roaming around this comm. and I want to contribute a fancomic. 
But it's not finished because I don't know the fandom too well yet. 
You see, I am doing a little serious fancomic about Korean War in 1950's... 
But I have no idea what North Korea looks like... :D 
And I also don't know if NK is a boy or a girl. 
Which is a big problem if your drawing a fancomic. 
I heard that he/she/it appeared in hetalia somewhere. But I also don't know that for sure. ..
Yes, I am a noob.

So I want to ask - 
Did North Korea appear in hetalia? If so, please, please, plea - sssseeee, send a picture to me ~ DXX
Even describtion would be useful~
[random] rickroll

[anime] some info

Hi! On this site, which has info on a lot of upcoming anime series I found a little interesting info about APH. Using google translator I found out that each episode will be 5 minutes long and will cover one story. It's obvious that the genre will be gag. (And I totally approve of this form)
Airing date is still unknown, but personally I think that it's possible to expect the anime in early 2009, spring, maybe?