September 21st, 2008

Amnesia ❄ hanaji desu

[FANART] hereby I give you sketches.

Hello! This is my first real post on the community, till now I've always just commented on various posts!
But today I bring you fanarts..! I still have to get confindent with the characters, so forgive me if you find errors in the appereance and such ;o;

Author/Artist: fanfaluche
Characters: Turkey
Rating: G
Collapse )
Characters: China
Rating: G
Collapse )
Characters: Russia and Belarus
Rating:PG..? A combat knife appears.
Collapse )
Characters: China and Russia
Rating: PG-13
Collapse )
And now Tegaki dump:
Characters: Russia and Prussia separately
Rating: G
Collapse )

Hope you like them :>
  • konbini

[scanlation] Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire playing in the river

First time posting here, and I'm really nervous. Anyway, I'm starting to love Chibitalia more and more, so I decided to scanlate this strip myself. It's Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire playing in the river and, well.
EDIT HRE (everyone, really) thinks that Chibitalia is a girl, so I had to make a teensy edit. Thanks to picnicbird for pointing this out.

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