September 29th, 2008


UsxUK Fangame Project [Help Needed]


Welcome to the USxUK Fangame Project by Project Pink Bandana.

This is a game project featuring our lovely America and England in a Dating Simulation game.  While there have been a few good ones that many have enjoyed, the Project wants to take it onto itself to create an English USxUK game where the majority of the fans can enjoy a game where no additional patches are needed to translate the game into English.  Not only this, but the Project also wants to ask the members of the Hetalia fandom, all those who enjoy USUK, to help us with this fangame project and hopefully become something that you can be proud of.  

As for right now though, the project has just started and positions in helping to contribute to the game project are open to applications.  You do not have to be the most skilled artist or the most fluent or writers to help contribute to the Project.  There are also positions open for deciding statistics, beta testing, and even translating.  As much help as possible is appreciated and we sincerely hope that you will come to join us.  

Please read more about the USxUK Fangame Project under the fake cut.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through this thread, private message, or  the project thread.  

  • heldrad

ZOMG! original fanservice pics xDD

I was looking around Himaruya sensei's Hetalia website and I found this link:

I can't read that much japanese yet, so I just looked at the pictures and there are a lot of fanservice pics! xD Including Italia playing with himself and lots of nakedness! xDD ahh this made my day~

Warning: This could get kinda 16+
SPN - Destiel - adorbs
  • binni

Picture search

Hi, everyoooone!! I hadn't planned to post something until I finished what I was working on, but I have a question:

Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the characters when they have flipped genders? I need USA in particular, but all of them would be marvelous. I know I saw a picture where they were lined up, but now I just can't find it for the life of me. =| I'm pretty sure it was official art, too. >_>;;

Regardless, thank you very much!

Thank you to torterracafe and ashesto!!
  • farfums

[Fanart] Germany/Italy :D

I usually don't draw fanart of things this quickly after becoming addicted, but... wow, this is such a fanart-worthy series XD

On another note: First Hetalia post! |D
Y'all are such an awesome community~

Title: What'd you do this time..?
Author/Artist: Moi~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: ..cuteness and owies? ;w;
Summary: CGed pic of Germany fixing one of Italy's boo-boos XD

Collapse )