September 30th, 2008

[random] rickroll

Anime staff announced has put up info about anime staff. Using google and ANN I managed to translate most of the news. Also, instead of writing anime series which were given as the example of works they have done, I linked to their info on ANN. Original news is here.

Director: Bob Shirohata
Character design: Masaaki Kannan
Series composition: Takuya Hiramitsu
Animation producer: Keiichi Matsuda
[basara] calm...

[MOD POST] Scanlations request thread!

It has been brought to my attention that some people have been requesting for scanlations/translations--not in exchange for retribution, but just requesting. As to keep the community clog-free, mumumugen and I have decided to make a request thread IN THIS POST, separate from the Scanlations Claim Thread.


Please comment with
-only requests on this thread.
-add the url to the strip in question so that it's easier for the scanlators to find them
-Do not post with follow-up comments in agreement with wanting to see the translations done
-Do not keep asking if the translations have been done.

-Also, please, in order to respect the wishes of the artists:
*Doujinshis can be requested as long as they are a scanned copy of a doujinshi you have bought and scanned, or is a scanned copy used with permission by the original scanner. Scanlations of those MUST be put under a members' lock
*Online doujinshis such as webcomics or doujinshis found on a fanartist's site can be requested, but because of the wishes of fanartists that their art do not be "reproduced, edited, and reposted without their permission," the most we can do is give you a transcript of the translation, along with a scrambled link to the online doujin itself, under a MEMBERS LOCK.

For example:

OKAY to post: "I would like to see the scanlations of England's hair issue, please."

NOT OKAY to post: "SOMEONE PLEASE SCANLATE THE SUPERSIZE YOU STRIP!!!" (not okay because--someone already claimed it and is working on it, also no URL)


-"I second this request!" (spam)

The scanlators are trying their hardest and fastest to bring scanlations to us, free of charge, so we would not like to bug/nag them too much. If your request is picked up, that's wonderful. If not, please do not feel let down, one of us will get to it.

And finally, to the new members of the community, welcome.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO READ THE RULES. Saying "I didn't know the rules" is not an excuse.

[FANART] Some fanarts and my nation's character

Hi. So, I just got into this wonderful fandom and decided to draw some pics ^^ Please look.

Title: Some fanarts and my nation's character
Author/Artist: sonteen12 
Character(s)or Pairing(s): Sweden/Finland, US/UK, Thailand
Rating: All PG
Warnings: Just some soft BL, I guess
Summary: two fanarts and one own character design

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