October 4th, 2008


USxUK Fangame Project [Poll Vote]


Hello again, everyone!  Welcome to the USxUK Fangame Project by Project Pink Bandana

Anyways, the staff first off wants to greatly thank everyone who had decided to contribute to our lovely project.  There are still a few spots open, so please take them if you are interested in them!  Go here to sign up for open positions.

Okay, so this is not the main point of this all right now.  The members of the project have posted up suggestions as for the plot of the game.  The Project wants you to vote on your favorite setting, so make certain that you read the post carefully and you only use one account to vote for your favorite plot.  The voting will be closed in a few days time, so make sure you get your opinion in while the chance is still open.  Remember, this is simply for the plot and if two plots get close in the vote, there may be a way to incorporate aspects of one of the plots into the main plot.  

Please read carefully and follow the fake cut to gain more information!  

h&c - hagu - 小さな祈り

[Scanlation] The World Conference

Scanlated the 5 or so pages Himaruya has up of the Conference at the Center of the World manga. According to the site, it's unfinished, but it doesn't look like it's been updated on the site for a long time so this is probably just the "preview" of the Shiny Technicolor version in Hetalia The Book.

In any case, I find strips with a bunch of nation-tans present the most fun. Also, it seems to be a bit more based on modern times rather than WWII, so that's always interesting. |D
As usual, translated by me, edited by konkira.

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Len - Smiling

[Fancomic] B4 KW + Doodle of Korea(s)

Hello, everyone! ^^ My craptastic fancomic of Korean War is rolling on, and I will probably post that soon... hopefully.
So before that I thought I decided to post 4komas.

Title : B4 Korean War
Artist: Yours truly :D
Characters/Pairing: Korea, Japan, Hong Kong
Rating: Probably PG
Warning: Stupidity, in pencil D:  (And somewhat historically inaccurate)
Summary: Japan takes over Korea and the friendship forged? 

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Title: With you
Character: Korea(s)
Rating: PG again

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