October 19th, 2008

the stone and the wand, The cloak
  • farelle

Hello everyone.

I'm pretty new to this community and fandom and haven't posted yet but because I was urged on by one of my fellow LJ users, I decided to post some, rather great if I may say so, news that I found just today, in this community. I hope it's okay and that I'm doing this right...
Please help me with the tagging if I'm not executing it properly. X'D




Just look at the picture there! Not painted but... gahd, don't it look INTERESSTING!?

Lastly, according to yamazaki_inc The company making these figures is called Kotobukiya.

[badou] ewwww...

[scanlation] Lithuania's Out-Sourcing Series Epilogue

And you thought it was all over and done for!

Here is the epilogue to the Lithuania's Out-Sourcing Series. The previous part is here.

Translations done by youkofujima and editing done by konkira, who is so good about this!

Collapse )

Enjoy! Another one is in the wings.

ETA: Added two pictures, and an afterward. Sorry about that!