October 24th, 2008


Fancomic Arthur (UK) & Little Alfred (US)

Title: Live, Lie and Sink
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Arthur(UK), Little Alfred (US) (sorry i'm just a dork for them^^; )
Rating: General
Warnings: A bit long comic^^;
Summary: A promise that we've made before will never be fulfilled

(Note: I'm sorry for bad english and grammar, pencil sketches that not inked >.<, and please read the comic from right to left (japanese version), thank you)
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Thank you very much m(_ _)m
Amnesia ❄ hanaji desu

[FANART] A warm place <3

Hello~ ready with a new fanart dump! I gave a try to nations I've never drew <3

Character(s) or Pairing(s):chibitalia+ holy roman empire, germany, ukxusa, finland, russiaxlithuania, russia alone
Rating: all G exept one PG but nothing a normal person can't handle. I'll leave it for last anyway.
Warnings: I'm a Russia fangirl. Beware.
Summary: Mostly tegaki and sketches but I have a semicolored pic..!
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Thanks for watching ^__^

edit: there seems to be a problem with tags, usa holy roman empire and chibitalia don't appear even if I edited the post like 5 times x_X;; If a mod would be so kind to try to add them ^^;; I'm sorry ;_;"
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The Day the World Turned Upside Down Pt. 1/3

Hello everyone! I'm pretty much a stalker lurker of this community and this is my first real post. I got this idea from a video I watched on youtube for APH that showed Alfred and Arthur in Revolutionary War uniforms! This little ficlet is broken into three parts and is about how the British General Cornwallis refused to appear to present his sword(a sign of surrender) to Washington however I've added in our dear little nation-tan's to turn the rude gesture into an angst ridden one! XD

Title: The Day the World Turned Upside Down Pt. 1/3
Author/Artist: pomino
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USAxUK
Rating: T
Warnings: language
Summary: On October 17th 1781 Cornwallis agreed to surrender unconditionally during the Siege of Yorktown, this surrender would eventually be the key needed for the American victory during the Revolutionary War. However the terms of the surrender require Arthur to present his sword to Alfred, an act he refuses be apart of...

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