October 30th, 2008

[scanlation] another halloween strips (edited)

I hope I could arrive barely on time of halloween.
If you find some mistakes or have advice, please feel free for comment or send message.
(I'll fix them:>)

*Thank you for your some message!
I'm really moved by your kindness(TT)

Following strips had fixed with advices from Prussia and Lithuani...ahem, pervary_p_a_w_s and kyo_starr. Thank you!

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[vocaloid] brs // blue fire


[07] Axis Powers Hetalia
[10] Cherry Girls
[03] Code Geass
[02] Kuroshitsuji
[07] One Piece
[06] Princess Princess
[05] Soul Eater
[33] Tales of the Abyss
[05] Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
[07] The Legend of Zelda
[10] Toradora
[95] TOTAL

[01] Princess Princess

[01] Princess Princess


Here~ x-posted like whoa

de-lurking with a request & icons

I'm finally de-lurking~ I've been interested in Hetalia for a while & I read a few scanlations (like the first 2 'chapters' to be exact), but I was never all that into it until I found out more about the characters via a thread on /cm/. And now, I must say, I'm obsessed~~

I'm reeeaally into yandere/yangire characters, so of course, Russia's my favorite of the series. |D
US and UK are tied for second-favorite (but together, they're my favorite coupling~~~) though almost every other character is absolutely loveable.

Oh, so now I have a request (I hope that's allowed). Does anyone have any pictures or fanart of Russia looking really deranged or devious? Yangire/yandere material, y'know? Actually, scratch that. Any nation looking psychotic would be great (I think I saw a yandere-looking America on DeviantArt~~).

And in return... I made some icons from fanart I found on /a/ and /cm/ so if I accidentally, used your fan art without your permission, then let me know... but don't yell at me. :'(

Axis Powers Hetalia → 38
Chaos;Head → 28
Digimon Adventure → 64
Digimon Adventure 02 → 46
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni → 24

total → 200

the rest are here @ ramudaderuta

And also... w-why is there no Philippines-tan? D:
Wasn't it at least a semi-important part of of WWII (the attack after Pearl Harbor, General MacArthur, Bataan Death March, etc.) or is that just nationalism getting to me?

[Anime] Seiyuus and such

Hi there guys! *waves* Been browsing through Anime News Network, and found bits of more info regarding the Hetalia anime.
(10.31.08) Added more seiyuus, and added links!

Voice actors:

Comments / Violent Reactions? xD

[Fanart] Russia fanart YAY

Hello :D I hope I'm not bothering anyone with this. I decided to post a couple of... things I drew.

Artist: synzunea
Characters: Russia
Rating: PG
Warning: Large images, Russia removing his coat? D:
Summary: Just a couple of Russia doodles. /obsessed

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M-my obsession is showing, isn't it? >.> A-as much as I'd like to draw other characters, Ivan's pretty much conquered my mind (and my heart) 8D O RUSSIA.