November 1st, 2008

Belated Halloween Fanart

Happy Halloween!

Title: Costume Contest
Author/Artist: Myself (RW)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK, US, France, Russia, Germany, (Northern) Italy, and Japan
Rating: PG to PG13
Warnings: Um... France Nudity?
Summary: My idea was a costume contest...  XD And this is how I saw it play out.

If you want to know exactly what the pizza box is about, it's Google-inspired.
Wonder who wins? ;3

(If I did anything stupid in this post, I'm sorry, I haven't had an LJ in years)
Holy crap!
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Title: The Grass is Always Greener
Author/Artist: feuillu
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/Myself, US
Rating: PG13?
Warnings: Little tiny stick-figure sex.
Summary: A mostly autobiographical Hetalia comic. ;p It is very sketchy, because I am very lazy.

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Edit because people seem to be taking it the wrong way: I don't hate France, and I certainly don't think everyone is gross and has bad teeth and smokes. It's just a general "Hey they never told us about that in the brochure!" tempered with much homesickness. :c