November 6th, 2008

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Moar fanartz? You betcha~

And I finally has finished Punk!America!!!!

Title: Punk America and a WHOLE LOT of other stuffs that I'm throwing in because one pic posts are kinda we can tell with how amazing everyone else's sketchdump posts win and my posts fail XD
Artist: me
Character(s): America, Russia, Poland, Liet, Japan, Greece, UK/England/TOOMANYVARIATIONS, and a whole lot of others!
Rating: mostly G, but some are PG~
Warnings: rawrrawrrawrrawr and yeah...oh! some angst at the bottom~
Summary: Basically, I'm catching up with all the freakin' drawings I said I'd do, like the Gurren Lagann characters.

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almost like a daydream

Two fanfics for your viewing pleasures!

It's Nano times y'know! And I decided instead of doing an actual novel I would do a bunch of short stories and, in consequence, some fanfiction. I have two so far for Hetalia and thought to share them both with you. Oh, and I used their 'human' names in both stories. Because it seemed weird to call them by their country names? I dunno haha

Title: In which Arthur wonders just where he went wrong
Characters/Pairings: implied US/UK
Rating: Pretty general!
Comments: Just to place it, it's shortly before the Revolutionary War.

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Title: In which Alfred plans to take revenge for Pearl Harbor
Characters/Pairings: implied US/UK ;; UK/Japan is a little more blatant,
Rating: Pretty general! but be warned of Arthur's tsundere-ness
Comments: To place: Right after Pearl Harbor. My roommate is a big UK/Japan fan (she says it's because she's half Japanese, she needs to ship them lol) There are two videos on youtube (from NicoNico) that were UK/Japan and one of them inspired this. It was so sad ;A;

( Over at my writing journal! )

And if you feel so inclined, feel free to offer suggestions for other fanfics that I can play with 8D

Time to work on Shakespeare paper!!

ps (random) why is there a UK tag but no US tag? ;;;;
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Hetalia Chronological Timeline


I suppose you can consider this a precursor to the website idea mentioned in my last post, but it doesn't include all the Hetalia comics ever made (or all the scanlations done, for that matter).
But, I think it's a good reference post for now. PLUS IT'S FUN, YOU LEARN THINGS.

In any case, I present to you the chronological timeline of Axis Powers Hetalia!

( completely and utterly fake cut because LJ told me my post was too large ;-;

original is