November 8th, 2008


First of all, thank you for creating such a wonderful community and for your awesome scanlations. You are doing a really great job.

Title: no.
Author: Dr. Noname (doesn't have an LJ account)
Characters: Russia and Japan
Warning: G
Translated from Russian into English: this time by me))

Snow was falling on their shoulders - and lying there for a while without melting. It felt… good. It felt cozy. Softening every single sound around. Like a cool, chilly cocoon separating them both from the whole outer world, and Kiku didn’t  shudder even a bit, when he felt Ivan’s arms put around his shoulders and Ivan’s head buried in one. So natural, it caused no rejection and… felt even pleasant. Russia-kun turned out to be so warm, his scarf tickled Kiku’s cheek and his breath smelt of alcohol – just slightly and not unpleasantly.

Kiku’s arms carefully wiped the snow off Russia’s shoulders, slid down his back, twiddled the scarf, and, in an imperceptible magician-like move, made a pair of scissors come out of a sleeve.

“Russia-kun is so big… - Japan thought not noticing a gentle note in his own thoughts. – Probably, he will not mind if cut off a piece. These Kuril Islands, for instance, he won’t  even notice it, such a trifle for him, and I… I want a souvenir. Anything to remind me of this day, of this coziness…”

And Ivan – his chin still on Kiku’s shoulder, eyes closed – was thinking: “He is so tiny…So tiny that it is even touching. How sad he must be, such a small little thing…”

And he pulled Kiku closer.

“You know, Japan, I want a souvenir to remind me of this day and this coziness,” – there was slight sadness in Russia’s voice, sadness which sounded like the snow around them.

“I understand you so much,” - Kiku whispered, at he same time aiming with his scissors at the scarf, and gasped when Russia’s arms clenched  tighter on his waist.

“I think you will become a good souvenir”.

 Ivan was smiling tenderly, and it was snowing on, on and on, snow falling on their shoulders, covering them both from the rest of the world.

No one will come to your help…


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[ICONS] 42 of them

A bunch of icons. About half were made from my favoritest MAD evah, a couple were made from another MAD I found on Nico but I can't find the link again... Others were made made with manga pages I colored, and a few were made with random Japanese fanart found off photobucket.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

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[fanart]Hetalia sketches

Hello, I've been lurking for months and finally decided to post some Hetalia sketches...

Title: Sketches
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, Prussia, Russia, Hungary, Japan, Germany, Italy's hair, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, US/UK
Rating: All worksafe
Warnings: A bit of BL
Summary: Sketches

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Fan Game

This is my first time posting a thread here so I hope I'm doing it right. I don't know whether everyone knows about this already, but I didn't see anything about it here and I figured someone might be interested. There's a group who's making a fan game of Hetalia. It's looks like the same format as most dating sim type games, but the game and the site are both in Japanese so I'm not very sure of the plot. The art is really pretty though and it's free to download so maybe take a look. The main site is here and the download link is here .  I think it's still in beta, but I played with it a little and it seemed to run fine on XP.

[FANFIC] MOAR DrabblethingIES

lulz Chris did it again that bastard |'D I swear I have to draw these ideas...

Title: "Wherever the Sun Goes"
Author: Written by tinsoldaten /smiletokamera , idea gotten from lordchrisos 
Characters/Pairings: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Rating: PG
Summary: Young!Scandinavia's watching the stars.

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"Gingerbread Men"
Author: Written by tinsoldaten /smiletokamera , idea gotten from lordchrisos 
Characters/Pairings: Denmark/Norway-ish
Rating: PG..ish.
Summary: Norway's baking for Christmas.

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lolsogeographic is a members-only community centered around Axis Power Hetalia silliness. Therein lies a world full of autoplay, random historical facts, macros, world news, speculation and LULZ. That and maybe an evil dictator (or two) to go with it.

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Also, I am taking requests for lurking icons. 
Post here with the icon you want to lurkify and which country you want. 
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