November 11th, 2008

because of me- because of me


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GUYS GUYS! There's still a lot more unfulfilled requests!!SERIOUSLY GUYS COME PLAY WITH US. also multiple entries on the same topic are fine, so the above isn't off limits!!! COME PLAY

ps; if your ic/art isn't on the list, I'll add it! Or you want it taken off, or editted, etc

pps; WRITE FOR POLAND OKAY IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY and he is my favorite..

[Scanlations]Random Diary Strips + Others

I realize that my bandwidth has exceeded and the only way to fix that is to go pro, which would cost money, so I will not be re-uploading the strips. However, you can read them all here under the Comic Diary section. Sorry for not responding for so long!

Hello! First time poster here! I'm going to share a bunch of random diary strip scanlations I did over some time. There's also some not from the diaries that weren't claimed and fairly short. I'm really sorry if anyone started working on any of these and also sorry for not claiming them before-hand. And I'm pretty sure these have not been scanlated and shared on the community. If there are any mistakes please inform me! Translated and scanlated by me.

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