November 12th, 2008

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Fanfic: Visits II

Hello, it's me again. I brings a second drabble from my post war series... This is the last short post, next time I'll wait until I have a bigger number of drabbles to post all at once.

Title: Visits II
Author: </a></b></a>lksugui
Character(s): Italy and Japan for this part
Rating: PG
Warnings: a bit sad. Drabble. I did my best at spell check and grammar check but there might be mistakes.
Summary: After WW II, Japan is quietly recovering. Italy comes for a visit.
Disclaimer: Axis Powers Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.

If you didn't read the first one, here's the link to Visits I

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oh what a world


Title: Russia request sketchdump
Author/Artist: Me. :D
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ruuuuuussiaaaaa. Plus a teeny bit of a few other nations.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied violence; insufferable cuteness (So, Russia).
Summary: Someone from the request thread asked for some Romanov-specific 1917 Revolution action, and I think I went a little crazy. HOW FITTING.

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[fanart]: Art Dump

So, first time posting up Hetalia fanart. Hope you like it. Four of them are just rough sketches and one a work in progress.

Title: Character sketches
Artist: klomtimes
Character(s): UK, Japan, Russia, Sealand, and one surprise
Rating: G
Summary: Please look upon my babies!
Warning: Nothing really substantial.

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An asshole

Tarot cards?

Hi guys!
First post here ;D
Just want information about something. I was looking for Iceland pics but I found this (don't know why xD)
Scroll down the page (18 september 2008) and you will find 3  Hetalia tarot cards.
Have you ever seen this deck? o.o
Forgive me if my english sucks x__X sorry.
Thanks! ;D