November 13th, 2008

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[FAN ART] first time post: gay meme, blood, MANLY, etc.

Title: Art dump
Author/Artist: wepe 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/N. Italy, Germany/Russia, China, Shinatty-chan, UK, France, America, Chibitalia, Holy Roman Empire
Rating: R
Warnings: blood, sexual references, outright and implied molestation, and a line of dancing naked children several pixels wide. also HUGE FILES AHEAD!!!
Summary: Stuff I have drawn since getting into Hetalia... last week? OTL

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Bunny Tea

Dressing Room

Hey guys, me again~.

Due to the overwhelming votes of "yes" on our poll, warplanes and I have made our dressing room, and it is now OPEN!

You can find it at: hetaliadressing

OC's, AU's, and Duplicates are welcome.

So please, check it out, join up or just watch, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

argh, uncertain of tagging on this one, too ;_; suggestions?
Kate Beaton ❝your mom's stupid❞

[Anime] Airing time!

Hey guys, it appears that this page has given us a tentative air date for the Hetalia anime! It says that the Hetalia anime will start airing in January. I'm not entirely sure about the reliability of the source myself (others will probably be able to confirm it for me), but if it was true, that'd just be too awesome. That'd mean it'd only be three months away ;D

So, kiddies, discuss!
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I know this'll sound annoying, but forgive me because I'm slow.
Why does Russia carry around a faucet? I think I've seen it before in the scanlations, but I can't remember. And try as I  might to go through, I ended up with fruitless results. Does anyone know? Most of my friends have been wondering as well. 

Fan Art: 2 comics

of questionable art and no redeeming educational value ^.~

Title: France's gift giving
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US, UK, France, Canada
Rating: G
Warnings: lowbrow humour
Summary:France nii-san gives the best presents!

(at my journal)

No deep content, just two quickie drawings expressing the desire to dress America up in Statue of Liberty drag and poke Canada with a stick. ^^;;;
almost like a daydream

[Fanfic] Poland/Liet

So as my roommate is on the couch looking through a bunch of fansites (atm, Spain/S. Italy lolol!) I shall post another fanfic for all of you!!

Title: In Which Toris Realises that Friendship Comes in Different Forms
Characters/Pairings: Russia, implied Po/Liet
Rating: PG? A little swearing? Overly angsty?
Other: Written for my roommate, loveless_zero!

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Also, I do have a request thread running if you want to check it out 8D (and maybe request?)

And, I do have one other US/UK one, but I'm holding off on posting it for a bit 8D even tho I was told I can post it, I'm still going to wait a bit xD but I should be posting it at least by next weekend.