November 14th, 2008

HRE Deckbrush


hi there! I know this probably isn't the right place for this...maybe, not sure.
But anyhow, I've been tossing about this idea for quite some time now!

I want to make State-tans! XD
Melted Peep drew Texas, so I figured it'd be a cool little project to undertake, but I'd like everyones help!

I need to know each states 'family' origin (Like, the history of who founded it, like North Carolina was founded by the English, but mainly taken over by the Scotts, who also decided to live with the Native Americans apparently, etc.)

SO! I'm asking, what do you think each State should look like, what kind of personality they should have, clothes, hair, fetish, you name it! (name them too please! XD)

Plus, if multiple people agree on what a certain character should look like, it'll be done that way. However, if people have different Ideas of what it should be, I'll make an ejumacated guess and work something out ^^;

(please let me know if this has already been done ==;; )

Thank you for your time!!

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Soul to Soul

[poll] Favorite Hetalia characters

Mostly to satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to create a "Favorite Hetalia characters" poll. The list of characters came from this character list, the trading cards, and any other character I could remember off the top of my head. Hopefully I didn't forget anybody.

Due to the amount of characters, the poll had to be split into three parts. Originally, I was going to have it so that you could only vote for one, but then I thought that'd be too mean. But please, vote for no more than three. Have fun!

ETA: Oops, I didn't clarify things. I divided the characters into three groups, but that doesn't mean you have to vote for one in each group. If all three of your characters are in the same group, vote for all of them. I just had to divide the characters up into groups due to LiveJournal limitations. Sorry for any confusion!

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"Nations" =/= normal

Er, kind of hard to sum it up in the subject so explanation follows. (Er, this is my first post EVAR here but I'll skip the intro; but please do tell me if I'm forgetting something XD;; )

I notice in a few places in the fandom that the Nations are human form but aren't really 100% "human"; that is, something about their status makes them "more than human" and gives them a different place in the world -- and this is significant to the extent that the world's major leaders know about their status and it is common knowledge and universally understood, and thus the "Nations" are often even residing in the nation's leader's official residence. ....Is this stated or implied in canon anywhere? And if so, how does it affect their relationships with "normal" humans and vice versa? I've been sifting through the scanslations and other profiles but haven't found anything definitive.

I find it a fascinating idea (and also a source of potential angst, as already done by that one angsty Russia "I didn't want this" fanart about a pact with General Winter gone wrong that struck me quite deeply), and it seems to be somewhat common in the fandom that I wanted to know if there was some kind of basis for this in the comic, or any hints of it. Might some more informed readers enlighten me?

The most American America You'll ever see!

artist: b_butterz
character: AMERICA...and.....everybody? D8>
rating: ...pg13? ...*worksafe*...*if you don't mind blazing biceps*
summary: America needed me to draw him in his TRUE form. So I decided to draw the EPITOME of American <s>even though I'm Canadian</s>
....and the rest is too <s>pathetic</s> complicated to explain.

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