November 15th, 2008

Angry Kyo

Hetalia Character Quiz

Hello! I'm a newbie here. I've been lurking for a while, and finally decided to join. I created this Hetalia Character quiz on Quizilla, and I am posting it here if anyone would be interested in taking it:

Please let me know if anything is misspelled/generally wrong, and please enjoy this! I am still ironing out a few minor kinks because Quizilla likes to make everything complicated and unnecessary. I will also add more nation-tans soon, as I only have twelve up now.


Procrastinating. |||orz

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EDIT: Ah, I didn't see the icon post made just below this one. Sorry for spamming. ;~;
EDIT2: asghfgfsdhgf I-I JUST SAW THE NEW HOMEPAGE ILLUST ON THE KITAYUME SITE. Greece, why so fricking hot?! T_T♥
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Wow- Here I was expecting to go to bed three hours ago. Guess not.
Anyway, I bring a pretty lame-o icon post. Seventy-five in all. The source for the images used are from this video. Many thanks to the creator for such wonderful images.

Axis Powers Hetalia - x75

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Please excuse the quality on a few of them. I did my best to clean them up orz;
Comments are love.
Credit, while not necessary is extremely appreciated. Thank you!
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Agito Made by zethel

A very pretty Nico vid and a request...

Greetings all! One of your newest lurkers (that would be me) has decided to share a pretty MAD with you all in the hopes that someone can name the song being used in this Hetalia MAD. It is on Nico, and I haven't been able to locate it on Youtube ( can't imagin why...) But anyway! The link is here:

I hope you all like it if you have not seen it already! :D
  • pomino

oh god...

I wrote Hetalia smut...omgygod I'm so embarrassed . XD
its so...dirty...anywayz you can read it over here on my writing journal but feel free to post all comments to this post  X3
its actually based almost entirely on a rp i had with an Alfred over at aphdressing rooms IRC channel. Except for the smut XD

Title: Funny Buisness
Author/Artist: pomino aka faluublossom (this is my writing j
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USxUK
Rating: NC17, R, 18+ how else can I get this message across? XD
Warnings: SEX, no penetrating but still.
Summary: Alfred teases Arthur, Arthur snaps at him...things get interesting.

omigod...I'm freaking out XD