November 17th, 2008


Hetalia Trading Cards on Messe Sanoh online shop (HELP!)

Hi everyone! First post here (but that's not the point) =X Modorenai and I are in pretty desperate need for help on the Hetalia Trading Cards on sale on Messe Sanoh.


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Also, with regards to our earlier post about the trading cards, we've decided to move it to our personal journals (mine, actually) so that we won't spam the community =D the post is right here~

Thank you!
Espurr, Pokemon 5
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85 icons

Just got into this series, so I come bearing 85 icons.

1- Allied Forces
5- America
6- United Kingdom
14- America/United Kingdom
7- France
1- UK/France
3- China
4- Russia
3- Finland
2- Finland/Sweden
1- Greece
4- Hungary
2- Hungary/Austria
1- Austria
6- Axis Powers
13- N. Italy/Germany
8- N. Italy
2- Germany
2- Japan

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Hetalia Observations & Ponderances.

Hi all! Just de-lurking  for a quick question, don't mind me.

As we know, the characters of Hetalia and their stories are largely inspired by certain real facts, be they general stereotype(e.g: Italia loving pasta, France being very affectionate), or an event triggered by history (e.g: why russia carries a faucet around, and China's copyright infringement saga- this one made me giggle hard because I've ever watched this on youtube way before Hetalia came about and made the instant connection ) and so on, but all the same, has anyone else ever found themselves observing/reading something about a character or a particular strip that they can't quite explain how the association came about?  I seem to do so a bit and it got me wondering very inane things, and I was hoping someone could enlighten me, or at least share your theories of how or what may have inspired it.

My personal ponderances run along the lines of: 

1) Is there any particular reason why Sweden (Su-san) is portrayed with 'scary eyes'? (Are those eyebags? And if they are, why Sweden?)

2) Is there any particular reason why UK is portrayed as the 'pure' one who can see things others can't (like Unicorns? for that matter, is the selection of a Unicorn based on certain references to UK as well?) 

These are the two topmost questions that come to mind, so if anyone has any theories or actual references they would be most appreciated! Also, do post your own questions (and answers too) if you've got them.. eh, so I don't feel alone with my idiosyncrasies? =D

Thanks in advance for all your lovely thoughts!

edit: Squee, a discussion Kumbaya! (Man, the things you miss while you're working!)


[Cosplay attempt] Guess who

'K, so... I noticed a character in APH whose hairstyle and facial hair were similar to mine, so I thought, why not? Actually, the answers to this last question are many: shitty camera, lack of proper lightning, overall amateurishness and so on, but... When an idea gets stuck in my mind, there's no way to get rid of her unless it's brought to life.

So, I did it. Mostly for my own amusement. But then I thought you folks here might want to check it out. Just bear in mind everything stated above... you've been warned, yeah.

Resemblance is debatable, so I'm not saying who it is. If you recognize - then it's him, if not - then just some random guy :D

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