November 19th, 2008

armstrong fma louis


artist/model/photographer: me
character: Canada
rating: G
warning: this is a result of my boredom so its SUPPOSED to be crappy 8D
summary: so just because Canada is THAT cool, i made a closet cosplay, and took unecessary pictures, and slapped them all together to tell an unfortunate story about the definiton of a Canadian.
and the thing is

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oh what a world

[Fanart] Perestroikapalooza.

Title: Hell, I don't even know anymore
Author/Artist: Me. D:
Character(s) or Pairing(s): GDR!Prussia, Germany, Baltic states, Russia, um, others?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Veeeeeery image-heavy. Also, rambling. So much rambling.
Summary: So it started out with some German reunification doodles inspired by the oral presentation I should be preparing for right now, and it kinda...exploded from there. This fandom's DANGEROUS, I tell you.

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Photo: Zetsubou

[fic] Crooked Corridors

Title: Crooked corridors
Author: gomimushi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England x Japan
Rating: Uh. I have no idea. It's all rather vague. PG-13, I guess.
Warnings: Stream of consciousness narrative, mentions of sex, though no technicalities whatsoever.
Summary: England reminisces about the past: what has changed, what hasn't, and some of his fondest memories.

(He wandered quietly through the cramped corridors...)
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[ART] (The Pie/mr_louie)

Title: Sketchbook dump??? some pchat pics too
Author/Artist: The Pie. Me?
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, UK, France, Sealand, Germany, a barely existant Italy, Japan and a sausage
Warnings: Well there's one page full of cocks. I guess.
Summary: Okay so I wanted to ink more and then colour them, but I got really excited so I just scanned in most of what I did. I'm just getting used to drawing peeps and I have a really hard time remembering what everyone looks like cause half of them look exactly alike. JUST SAYIN.

Sorry about the shitty quality my scanner sucks and I lost all my regular lead so now I'm stuck with blue????

Also, tons of commentary, because I like doing that. EDIT Also I'm confused on whether I should be using UK or England, so I just used both.

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hrm, franken fran

LJ Layouts

Hetalia! I bring you three livejournal layouts. Well, more, I bring you some sweet headers and some lazy, lazy layouts to go with them if you are inclined to use them.

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ETA: 1) If you're having issues installing the layouts let me know and I will try to help until I get frustrated and stop har har har
2) You can totally modify the code however you like or use it for other layouts or whatever.
3) Some hosting services like photobucket resize your pictures on upload, so if the headers and the layout aren't lining up be sure to check that first. On photobucket you'll want to select either '1024 x 768' or '1 megabyte' in the 'reduce to' dropdown under your upload box.

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Are the previews too big? If they are I'll pop 'em behind the cuts, too.
Holy crap!
  • feuillu

Can we declare November 19th International Penis Day? Please?

Inspired by the recent rash of penises er, posts (you should really get that rash looked at, btw), and the fact that my professor spent at least fifteen minutes this morning explaining how the noble cock is the symbol of France, I bring you, er, this.

Title: Le Coq
Author/Artist: Feuillu
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France. Being France.
Rating: Not Work Safe In The Slightest
Warnings: ... France. Being France. (Also a giant penis.)
Summary: :| Pure crack. Please kill me.

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