November 21st, 2008

  • palmcj

[Fanart] Ahoge Powers!!!

I haven't posted to Hetalia for such a long time due to work loads. I am now come back with some art works and emoticons >3<~~.

Title : AHOGE <3
Artist : me
Characters/pairings : Canada, Greece, Korea, Austria, US, Taiwan, North Italy-South Italy, Sweden-Finland, Sealand, China-Hong Kong, UK, and Switzerland
Rating : G
Warnings : sudden kiss, ahoge??, some are doodles
Summary : Hetalian Ahoge-tan
Good morning kiss (from Finland to Sweden)
(chibi) lonely Sealand
China and Hong Kong with Shinatty-chan in the back ground
Three emoticons for MSN

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☆ disney; mirrored rose
  • shahni

the kings of the world; icon dump!

Icon dump ahoy! Figured I'd have to show my love for the fandom at some point |D Omnom~ of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, more pairings forthcoming! ;D Oh Greece x Japan, you need more love ;;

Axis Powers Hetalia; [BL WARNING... does this series really need it? |D ]
x 6 US x UK (1 variation)
x 5 Germany x Italy
x 1 Russia x Lithuania

x 3 UK/Japan/US
x 7 US (incl. variations)
x 7 UK (incl. variations)
x 1 UK + Unicorn (OTP)
x 3 Japan
x 2 France
x 2 Germany
x 2 Russia


( Hail to the Kings of the world! )

Fake cut is fake, but what else is new? |D

[Fanfic] Better later than never

Title: Better later than never
Characters: Russia, Lithuania, a world map XD
Rating: G Warning: None. Maybe a little image heavy...
Summary: Ivan has the feeling that something is missing...


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This is what happens when you're actually supposed to focus on Japan's condition during the last years of the war and end up thinking too much about pointless details...
Merlin - Arthur ❖ FOREVER YOUNG
  • bubbole

[FanArt] Sketches + chibies

Title: France & UK
Author/Artist: bubbole
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/UK - Kid!France/little!England
Rating: PG
Warnings: --

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Title: Chibies + doujinshi (sorta) + France
Author/Artist: bubbole
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, Spain, England, Switzerland, Prussia, Holy Roman Empire, Chibitalia, Gaul (!?)
Rating: G
Summary: Basically a sketch of chibies and a page of an unfinished doujinshi gggh

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