November 22nd, 2008


[Scanlation] Main Chapter 4.5 : Chibitalia

Happy thanksgiving, guys! And I hope you've got stocks of insulin somewhere around the house, as we've got you a gift for the holidays. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long, but hopefully you won't mind the results?

Brought to you once again by konkira (editor) and equivalent_t (translator), we present :

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Note : Numerous people have been hammering it into me that No, You Idiot, HRE Thinks Italy Is A Girl!, albeit they put it in much kinder terms than I just did there. So after much argument with well-meaning people, I went scouring around the site after getting back from work (this chapter itself generously left everything completely vague, haha)---and there it was. He DID think Italy was a girl, although I still think Hungary and Austria knew about it. SO, this is a deep bow, an I Am Sorry I Have the Memory of a Gnat, and a big thank-you for everyone who corrected me, even if I argued with you at the time.

For anyone who's yet to read the thing, just replace the he's in the very last panel with she's!

NOTE 2 : Fixed, thanks to my wonderful editor!
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[FAN ART] My OTPs part II ~

Well, to commemorate the release of chibitalia scanlated I went and drew something for it >u<~ I hope you like it!!!
This also includes an AustriaxHungary fanart x3~

Artist: me
Rating: G
Summary: 2 pics- HRExChibitalia, AustriaxHungary
Warnings: maybe a bit too bittersweet? <.<
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hrm, franken fran

[fic] Italy Cleans Storage (Germany/Italy)

One day I shall write War of 1812 fic, but today is not that day. Quick and corny, inspired by Chibitalia.

Title: Italy Cleans Storage
Author/Artist: inglorious_dmk
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: Italy being a dunce about the really unsavory bits of WWII? Do I really need to warn for that?
Summary: Italy goes through Germany's attic and finds something unexpected.

Germany had just gone on about compromising the integrity of proud German wurst.