November 24th, 2008

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[FAN ART] Swiss chocolate :P

Two more pics and that's it for now =u=~ I've ran out of ideas for fanarts so, until I think of more I'll leave you with these >3!
Thank you very much for the comments in my previous posts!! x3 It means a lot to me!! ;A;

Artist: me
Rating: G
Characters: Switzerland, Lithuania and Poland
Summary: a parody and some BFF pic xD
Warnings: maybe some copyright issues LOL
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hrm, franken fran

8 Livejournal Layouts

OKAY SO UM I MAY HAVE GOT CARRIED AWAY. Pretty sure I'm going to wake up tomorrow and be all "WTF, why is the Axis layout pink?"


- 2 Chibitalia/HRE smooches
- 2 Axis Powers, one of which includes a third Italy/HRE smooch
- 1 France
- 1 America
- 1 Germany
- 1 UK


UPDATE: The Flexible Squares layout should now work properly with or without a sidebar, and the position of user icons can be set in the Display: Presentation tab of the options page.

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[REQUEST] Hey Switzerland, where are you?

Hi, I'm a long-time lurker & I'm finally crawling out of my hole to ask a very important question:

Does anyone have a decent amount of Switzerland fanart/pictures? I got a very small zip file from 4chan & I'm pretty sure it's lacking a lot of art that I just haven't seen. Switzerland gets very little love and he's pretty much my favorite character, so. Sadface.

Thank you in advance! ♥

[Cosplay] California Hetalia Event!

So there's this California-based cosplay event I've come up with, and I'm making it seem bigger than it is. It's nothing convention-sized, and it's casual, so don't hope for anything big LOL. This is the last I'll post about it here in the comm - I don't want to bother those who aren't able to come to it.

Follow this link to my journal for info~