November 27th, 2008

Tegaki Dump

Title: Tegaki Dump (Sealand + Latvia Themed)
Author/Artist: Me. D: Limu/Limeh
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sealand/Latvia
Rating: G
Warnings: fluff
Summary: Super shy still, but I decided to share my latest tegakis with you all <3;;

wahh, um, here you go~ I'm still trying to get this posting stuff right, so please be patient with me D>
please let it work, please let it work D>


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Cosplay Tips Please!

Looking for some feedback on Sweden cosplay! It's mostly the shirt to be honest- hence why there are no pictures of the pants and boots. I'm not sure it's correct considering I see some pictures where the shirt has no pockets, or has pockets. Is tan or green. I'M GOING CRAZY TRYING TO FIGURE WHAT IS WHAT!

So, I'm posting the shirt I have- I can always upload a picture of the whole cosplay if asked to do so, but like I said it's just the shirt that is killing me softly with it's song!

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[FANART] Moar Norway<3

I needed a wallpaper D: So I made one. A friend of mine is going to funk it up with her fancy wallpaper skills but I wanted to post it since well I really like it. *w* If you wanna colour it just message me because I fail at colouring ;___; I'll send you the Photoshop file if you wish to :3

Artist: Kamera smiletokamera
Characters: Norway
Rating: G
Summary: Norway in a dress (wallpapersized?)
Warning: N/A. Unless. Well. Some idiot thinks a guy in a dress that pretty much covers everything isn't worksafe? O_o

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Merlin - Arthur ❖ FOREVER YOUNG
  • bubbole

[FanArt] Never touch Switzerland's stuff.

Author/Artist: bubbole
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/UK & Implied Switzerland(?!?!)/France
Rating: PG
Warnings: ENGLAND IS SHOT. MOE VIBES. Also big size of the picture.
Summary: Arthur touched Vash's stuff. This is not good.

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Cosplay plans. Help!

Got caught up in a Hetalia cosplay group for next summer (there's over 20 of us). I'm going to be Korea and my sister will be Taiwan.
So I'm now asking if there is anyone here, who has some official pictures of both. Preferrably coloured. And if you've got any ideas how to make that strand of hair to Korea, I'd be much obliged. ^^''
Hope this is allowed here. I don't know where else to ask for this kind of help.

Cosplay photo dump

I come bearing tons of cosplay photos from the past two weeks.

chaoticvein as America
roseofmalice as Canada
kyaz as Finland
pimpyuki as N. Italy
thechilibird as Lithuania
m_cyrus_weiss as Sweden
thechessycats as UK

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