November 28th, 2008

Danish Yay

Moar Cosplay 8D

*points downwards on the page* Well, since I noticed that there was someone on here posting about their Sweden cosplay, I thought I would too. I'm being Greece at Anime Boston this coming May, and I want to know if I'm <strike>fail</strike> doing a good job so far. I've only got the wig styled, and a white shirt, because I lack the rest of the cosplay, so they're really just head shots.

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Sorry if cuttext <strike>and cosplay</strike> fails. x_x
Edit: I thought I would amuse some people at this notion, but I am actually Greek (About 50-65% Greek), and my father is a Greek immigrant. I have a lot of Greek pride, actually...yet I don't speak a word of the language...And I really should. 8D <3

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"Once Upon a Time"

Title: Once Upon a Time
Author: krazeydiamond 
Fandom: Hetalia
Rating: G/PG-13
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1,274
Summary: Once upon a time (because Raivis thought that if he started stories this way, they’d have a ‘happily ever after’ too) there was fire. Footnotes at the end describe the details the fic is based on~
NOTES: 1. First attempt at a fic based on historical accuraces, so sorry if I get something wrong~ 2. First Hetalia fic. There's no speech, so I hope it seems okay. The fic is based around the history of Latvia between 1905 and 1945.

( Sometimes, Raivis doesn’t really understand what freedom means. He feels like a toy, passed between bullies and forced, manipulated into doing things that he cannot believe in. )

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[fanfic] As She Is Now


Title: As She Is Now
Author: Mithrigil
Fandoms: Tokyo Babylon and Axis Powers Hetalia, seamless crossover.
Characters: Subaru, Seishirou, Lady Sumeragi, and Japan.
Rating: PG, for aftermath and wounds but no onscreen violence.
Words: 600

Summary: Both the Sumeragi and Sakurazukamori are Japan's servants. But what is it they serve? A discussion of westernization and the post-war atmosphere.

Cut is to my journal.

(("I don't do this for pleasure. I just take pleasure in it."))

Surprise information?

[fanfiction] Su-San's Compromise

Waah, I wasn't going to post this at all because uh... ridiculously newbish + embarassed but I'm too tired to care anymore. Actually, that's a lie: I care that I posted this right and won't get jumped. DX This fic is not based on or inspired by any historical event-- I just really, really like SwedenxFinland and had this image in my mind. So uh... without further delay, here is my first (completed) fic. 


((If you like this, I am open to PG13 requests. >__>))

Title: Su-San's Compromise
Author/Artist: EskimoxonxIce
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden and Finland (Russia, Latvia, and Estonia mentioned briefly)
Rating: G
Warnings: Sweden's accent is haaard ;_____; and as always, I'm stressing over OOCness and too many little things.
Summary: Despite being horribly cold, Finland refuses to accepts Su-san's help so Su-san tries another way...


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almost like a daydream

Three fanfics!

Weeeellllll won't be hitting 50k, or prolly even 25k, but here are three more fanfics for you! Title is the link to my writing journal with the post.

Title: Family Bonding
Author: Me!
Character(s): France, UK, young!US, young!Canada
Rating: PG for France's jokes :/
Summary: Written for sapphire_pyro! She asked for them acting like a family lol It's more UK and young!US centered but that's okay. And it makes me want to write something else, so I might be posting one more before November is over lol!

Title: New Years
Author: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US/UK
Rating: PG
Warnings: none!
Summary: written for rainy_takako! I can't wait 'til I take my Revo war!American history class. You all will be getting so much more angst!US/UK fanfics 8D

Title: In which Elizaveta contemplates the married life
Author: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria+Hungary with some added Prussia Gilbert (one-sided Prussia+Hungary if you squint and tilt your head to the side)
Rating: PG? Probably even G.
Warnings: Hungary has violent tendancies :/
Summary: My OT3 liek srs.

Okay that's all for now.

(totally almost forgot to include the links lol!)

[COSPLAY] Closet cosplay!HK?

Well I just looked into the mirror last night and WHOA WTF SELF

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So I wondered if anyone got any suggestions of what the huge shirt should be made of, since well. I think just normal fabric would make it look fake. FYI, the one in the picture is sleeveless and like 2 meters long wtf. Probably cosplaying a Chibi version of him since I'm not that MANLY. LINKS TO DOLL SHOES WITH EXTRA HEIGHT WOULD BE NICE TOO You know. How do you crossplayers BREATHE? I WAS LIKE-- Okay so I used a scarf to make my chest flatter. T_T;;

Sucky picture is sucky. Took one with the camera but it DIED so I have to wait 'til charging's finished so I can get it out DDD: Oh and if anyone's going to DesuCon, Oslo, Norway as an APH character next year TELL ME, k? :3 Because I might show up as HK and if I'm the only one cosplaying APH I'll feel lonely ;A;

[Fan art/photo] Double the buns & meat= mmm F'YEAH [1st actual post]

Title: Burger shots
Author/Artist: Luna_p & Canon SD1000
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Alfred + Burger King's "Burger shots"
Rating: Uh, PG 13 for a happy "F*** yeah!"?
Warnings: Delicious burgers don't look good but really are. And there's a curse word.
Summary: Yeah, double the fun except NOT. The new burgers are so tinnnny.
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Yo Soy Shrimp


Title: lots of sketches, no specific titles
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden, Finland, Sweden/Finland, Russia, America, England, Austria/Hungary
Rating: G
Warnings: lots of pictures? Some lower-quality pencil sketches. Also, a lot of these pictures are kind of big.
Summary: Viking-inspired fanart, as well as a few general pictures
Notes: This is my first time posting here. I did my research paper on Vikings, so that attempts to explain the whole Viking thing. I apologize in advance for anything.

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zoo tycoon

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Title: Why Not Promise to Keep Breathing
Author: whatpipeswhy
Character(s): Northern Italy, with some brief mentions of other characters
Rating: G-PG, I think. Pretty tame.
Warnings: Possibly OOC due to Italy angst?
Summary: Italy had never understood war. His enimies had, his allies had. But not him.

In Venice, a man stares out of his window, opens his eyes, and thinks.  )

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[fic] Anthem, parts One and Two


Title: Anthem
Authors: puella_nerdii for part one, mithrigil for part two.
Characters: France, America, England
Rating: Light R for F-bombs, France, and suckerpunches.
Words: 6600 between the two parts.

Summary: France helps America write the constitution, and then England wakes up to America hurling stones at his window. Hijinks ensue.

Link to Part One

Link to Part Two


[FANFIC] Coffea Arabica

Title: Coffea Arabica
Author: janspace
Pairing(s): America/England
Warning(s): Insinuations? Silliness?
Summary: England's tea isn't nearly as dirty as America's mouth.

Notes: I will someday write something serious and long and involved with these two. Today is not that day. Link to

( England decides not to bring up his reasons for having a tin of coffee hidden in the corner of his kitchen. )