December 1st, 2008


[Icons] Sweden & Finland

I'll do more of the SweFin ones, but here's some for now. And I will do more of the other countries, too. I'm just biased towards these two. ^^'

[x28 Total]
[x6 Finland]
[x5 Sweden]
[x17 SweFin]


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009, 024, 025 and 026 are Rovel's
017 is from here
019, 020 and 022 are Northern Light's
023 is from LoveBirthday
027 is from Celeste-Blue
Thanks kurokuya for looking them up for me.

EDIT 2: 012 is from Irmgard
Thanks for xturncoatxiii

EDIT 3: Removed n:o 002,003 and 005 as requested.

Comments and credit are love.
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Hi! First time poster and I have only been around for a week so if this isn't allowed, I'm sorry mods and of course you can delete it ^_^

What I came to ask. I'd like to write one of the historical requested fic but when I tried to start I found out I have no idea about what Spain's personality is. I can't read Japanese so the only things I have gotten from the profile and the scanlated strips is that he's really laid-back and easy going and that both Italy are his younger brothers.
Do we know anything else about him in canon? Also is France really his older brother? Or at least his brother? It'd make sense seeing and all of them were once the Roman Empire^^.

Another question a bit more general. Do Nations have to always follow their bosses' orders? I know they do most of the time even if most of the people in the country don't like said decisions, but what happens in a revolution where the people kick the boss out? what would a Nation do? Stay aside? Defend the boss?
Any ideas?
The only strip I have read that could be similar to my questions is Russia's Bloody Sunday but we all know Ivan isn't exactly the most stable and sane nation so I'm not sure I can base anything on his reaction.

Any help would be really appreciated! :)
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I've been in the fandom for a while, but I've kinda stayed hidden, but I'm working on fic right now, and there is something I'm confused about.

Does Holy Roman Empire grow up to be Germany or are the two separate characters altogether?
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[fanart] I bet you're sick of seeing the words 'art dump' by now

Artist: piratelicker
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria x Hungary, France, America, UK and a boatload of other characters...
Rating: G
Summary: tegaki/oekaki pics of random and an art meme pic that's too big to be posted here --> linked to my DA account, apologies

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