December 2nd, 2008

Merlin - Arthur ❖ FOREVER YOUNG
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[FanArt] Newspaper+other

Title: Newspaper
Author/Artist: bubbole
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/France
Rating: E
Warnings: --
Summary: Maybe you don't know what a Mikado is, but it's not really important.

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Title: 25,000 hits on DA + sketches + VOCALOID!GILBO.
Author/Artist: bubbole
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK/France/Spain; UK/France/UK; Prussia
Rating: G
Warnings: There's a MAN IN A SKIRT no, it's not France, BUT IT'S GILBERT, SO YOU CAN EVEN NOT MIND-- and Arthur's bad language D:

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Question Before I Upload

I am new to the fandom, and I am also new to posting to this LJ, so this is my first post and I figured that I would like to be productive and so I made a Hetalia PSP theme. My question is, would anyone like to have a Hetalia PSP theme? If so, leave a comment and I will upload the file needed as well as instructions on how to get it to work on your PSP if needed. I figured I would ask though before I posted a useless post. x3 And just to clear some stuff up, I mean Playstation Portable, not Paintshop Pro. Sorry for the confusion.

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Chibi Cards?

Forgive me for my spammy questions, but I promise to post fanart next time, I'm actually considering a doujinshi.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you might have the link to the chibi trading cards? The ones with the rare characters such as Belarus, Germania, Roman Empire, and Sea-kun in a box. I once saw them here in the comm, but to no avail my search for it has been fruitless (I think I was redundant, no?)

There have just been so many posts since then, and it's getting harder and harder to look. So, if anyone has those two pictures, could you be as so kind as to share? Thank you~
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[fic] The Octopus and...

Title// 蛸と.../ The octopus and...
Author// gomimushi
Pairing// France x England x Japan (Meiji era, again)
Rating// PG-13 (There is no real p0rn, I promise. Just references to it.)
Summary: England and France are visiting Japan, and find a rather interesting piece of artwork hanging on his wall.

(To improve relations with the west... )

Oh god, I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry... It was a challenge from a friend and she said I should post it, so....I did. I promise it makes historical sense, somewhat.

[Fanart] UK + WIP and Het. Fanbook project anyone?

Hi guys!
Uh, I'll be posting the cut to the <strike>crap</strike> art first : D

Title: ??
Author/Artist: That'd be me~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK, young!America, Canada (but only the back of the head...)
Rating: G? Ah, PG-13...
Warnings:  OOC UK?
Summary: Uh, one sketch based on a news article I read, a WIP  that I'd love to have critique on :D

Oh, and, uh, regarding the Fanbook:

In my last post, I asked if anyone would be interested in making a compilation fanbook about Hetalia. Some people seemed interested (sorry I didn't reply though), but I'd like to ask again :D More details under the cut ^^ (sorry if this is not allowed!! Deletion is ok, of course..)

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