December 4th, 2008

[NARUTO] Shikamaru ★ so's the future.
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hetalia, you seem a little srs this morning! I'll try to cheer you up. I made this playlist a few days ago for my own amusement and I'll share it with you. It contains one pop song to represent each country in APH. Not necessarily lyrically (I don't speak 36 languages!) but as best I could, I chose one song from every nation. I hope you enjoy this! Forgive me if I messed up somewhere.

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Holy crap!
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Doodle dump~

Title: Random doodles 8T
Author/Artist: Leafy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, US, UK, Canada
Rating: PG-13? There are nipples but they're man-nipples so that makes them totally kosher, amirite?
Warnings: Half naked America? England in a skirt and flipping people off?
Summary: Completely unrelated drawings that I am posting because I am bored. Plz enjoy them.

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[Fanart] What Might Have Been - UK & US

Title: Little Memories and Little Smiles
Artist: shahni/Shahnida@DA
Characters: UK & US
Warnings Complaints: I envy people who can draw clothes and uniforms. :c
Summary: Some doodles I did to get myself drawing fanart for the series :D Featuring my favorite favorite England in Anglo-Saxon garb which I could imagine him wearing as a wee tot. And another with some doodles and Tsundere-sama smiling, because hey. His face'll get tired otherwise. Also featuring silly America to tease him. :D All done in Open Canvas/Photoshop!

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I'll be doing some Baltic States next, hopefully. And Greece/Japan. The fanart in this place is so top-notch, gah. ♥ Hope y'all enjoy! ♥

[FIC] Finland's search for independence parts 1 and 2

Title: Finland's search for independence
Author: dies_dandles
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: 1st part: Finland, Sweden, Russia; 2nd part: Finland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania
Timeline: These parts (1 and 2) cover the years from 1809 to somewhere around 1908.
Rating: PG-13 just in case
Disclaimer: I do not own! Not making profit, just having fun.

Part 1: Tino looked at his bespectacled partner in disbelief. He must have heard wrong. Berwald couldn't have just said he'd be given over...

Part 2: He and Braginski had agreed that he could go as he pleased; could be as free as with Berwald, maybe even more.

Author’s notes: For Independece Day. 6.12. ^_^
And in case you're wondering: I'm Finnish myself, so of course I'm biased. Also, I've always been into history, Finnish history was my favourite course in high school, so I knew I had to write this.
My references for 1 and 2:
History of Finland
Great Northern war
la belle dame sans merci

[fic] How I Wonder What You Are, Part Two

Title: How I Wonder What You Are, Part Two
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: America, England.
Rating: PG-13 for politics. Still the Cold war, now with intimations of what comes after.
The Year: 1979
Words: 4500, in this part, and you can find the earlier section here.

Summary: Emulation, hypocrisy, progress, hope, and the lawn outside the Pentagon.

((Watch me, England, watch this, I'm you, I'm you against the Indians.))


Sketch Dump

Title: Sketch Dump
Author/Artist: Me?
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Pretty much all of them (except some) and a EnglandxAmerica
Rating: G
Warnings: Cross dressing?
Summary: Some sketches I've had for awhile.

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[Scanlation & Translation] Christmas 2007 Finale (Parts 9 and 10)

Finally, I bring you the final two parts of the Christmas Rampages 2007! Just in time to get some holiday spirit generated. :D

Translated by: rainy_takako
Edited by: konkira
Previous Parts: One, Two, Three + Four, Five + Six, and Seven + Eight. The list can also be found at the Scanlation Index.

Warning: Some of the panels are not worksafe!

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oh what a world

[Fanart] The Revolution that Almost Wasn't.

Title: American Revolution miscellany sketchdump
Author/Artist: Yours truly
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Quite a few, actually. But obviously US-centric.
Rating: PG-13 for one vaguely inappropriate Youtube link
Warnings: Lots and lots of pictures of dubious quality
Summary: Alright, so a couple of years ago in grade 11 I was on my school's team for this state-wide academic history competition SHUT UP I KNOW I AM LAME. Our topic was the American Revolution, and while I wasn't too enthusiastic about it at first, I sort of fell in love with the subject after being forced to read like everything ever written about it. Here's some of the more fun stuff I still remember.

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