December 6th, 2008


[FANCOMIC] Greece’s Marble Fragments

Hey everyone! I have a comic I made based on a news article I read last Thursday. When I read this in the newspaper, I just HAVE to make it a comic. Damn this fandom for making me unable to read international news with a straight face anymore! XDD This is probably quite OOC, and bad scanner killed the quality a bit, but anyway. Enjoy! ;D

Title: Greece’s Marble Fragments
Author/Artist: arashiyukawa
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Greece, Austria, Germany, and a bit of USA and UK.
Rating: G
Warnings: nope.
Summary: Marble fragments from the temples in Athens were taken by other countries, and Greece do NOT appreciate that.


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Hope you guys like it! Sorry if my writing is hard to read ^^;

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[FANART] Allied Powers sketches

Character: America, England, China, Russia, France
Rating: G
Warnings: Er, none? Unless you are offended by sketches!

Here I'm just trying to get a feel for some of the characters (as I will most definitely be drawing them again! 8D)

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Took me forever to get the lj-cut to work, and I still don't know how to get it to show the image instead of a link. Bah, to heck with it. Is is obvious that I'm pretty new to LJ?

Anyway. I didn't use refs...which may be why Francis did not turn out that great...and my Arthur may be a tad 'scruffier' than he should be? I dunno. I do know this: I want Alfred's jacket. No, I do not have a fetish for fur-collar jackets.

Uh, enjoy plz?

Doodles & Drawings (Finland's Independence Day / America, England, France & Sweden)

I thought I should post a couple fanpics in here I drew just a while ago. These drawings are drawn by Enna-chan, who is btw me. And I want to make sure you people wont go posting me things like "I'm sure these aren't yours" or "You suck" . I will accept critical comments, and if you want to praise or complain about any of these pictures, please do so in a reasonable manner.

Title: Finrando-kun's Birthday + doodles of other countries
Author/Artist: Enna-chan / Skebe-Usagi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland x Sweden, England (x) America, France
Rating: umm, PG?
Warnings: France is a bit pervy, but isn't he always?

He wishes a peaceful Independence day to all finnish people :D
btw, here's the reference I used to first picture :

I'm not sure if they look like Moomins at all, but I tried my best :'D (My scanner raped the tails :'< )

And here's my most favourite pairing, America & England :D

What France is saying, is in french and means "My charm is irresistible"

EDIT*: Thanks for all the nice comments, I didn't expect to get this many <3

EDIT**: You can find these pics also from deviantart, under Enna-chan's name ^^ . And sorry for my bad english ´: /

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[Fanart] Russia <3 Sunflowers

Hey APH comm! After lurking for a while, i finally stopped to offer a piece of fanart.
I hope i do this right. O:
Title: Warm Smile
Author/artist: Lowah
Rating: G
Character(s) or pairing(s): Russia <3
Warnings: none
Summary: Russia looks very OOC with his sunflowers...


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EDIT: Oh, yeah. If there is anyone that would like to make this into icons, plz do! I want to use some but i suck when it comes to making icons. |D

and Happy Birthday Finland~! ^_^ <3