December 7th, 2008

APH: russia sisters

[FanArt] Running!

Titltle: (i dunno)
Author: me.. wasafool
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Poland and  Lithuania
Rating: any one really
Warnings:  beginner at work lolz
Summary: i just felt like drawing Poland and Lithuania when they were living togathor, they had large amount of farms. so them running though them i guess :3
i drew this with my mouse on my computur useing Paint, then some cool programed i just found called gimp!
  i feel its an awkward picture, it was ment to be at an angel looking kinda down at them, but i failed -flails-

yea! hope you like it ^^
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[fanfic] fall of the soviet union

I'm hesitant to post this because I'm still unsatisfied with it; but if I haven't finished editing it by now, I probably never will. :P Besides, everyone was super nice about the last fic I posted, so I figure this one won't get hated on too badly, hah.

(srsly, ♥ you guys. Hopefully I'll actually get around to responding to comments this time!)

Title: Autumn Rising
Author/Artist: adesso
Characters: Russia, the Baltics, brief appearances by Poland and Hungary
Rating: PG-13, mainly for violence
Warnings: Russia angst and people getting punched. Woo!
Summary: From 1989 to 1991, Eastern Europe saw a series of revolutions both peaceful and violent that culminated in the collapse of the Soviet Union. But it was habit now – to always look over his shoulder, to always push himself so he was just one step ahead, to remain silent about the cancer that inched ever closer to his heart.

( Outside, in the west, they were singing. )

Anyone Remember This One?

I read the rules over again to make sure I'm not doing anything against them, but in case I missed it, please let me know!

Recently, my friend and I were discussing the dialogue in the strip where Lithuania comes home from shopping and shows Poland his horribly disfigured fingers. We were confused about something that one of us remembered being said, so we both went digging and . . . couldn't find it. An extensive search by both of us turned up nothing in the translated or untranslated collections. Clearly, the internet either ate it, or we're both made of fail.

Does anyone else remember this comic? Do you know where it is? Links will be repaid with millions of internets and eternal devotion.
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[FANART] Our Savior, Our Heroine

Title: Our Savior, Our Heroine
Author/artist: Me
Rating: G
Character(s) or pairing(s): America, France, Arthur, and two special guests
Warnings: Angst?
Summary: Inspired by this comic and this comic.

They're two pictures, but there more or less the same thing so I didn't separate them.

So here's the story: The first comic I found while surfing and thought that the girl might be Pocahontas since I can't read Japanese. I saved the pics but lost the link in the end. Then I found the second comic and then, BAM! Inspiration hit. When I was done drawing, I refused to post it without the link to the first comic. You can imagine the hell of a time it took me to find it.

The image of Pocahontas I used here was the same from the Battle For America scanlation to stay true to APH's characters. The Joan of Arc is the same as a submission I did on dA (it's posted there) since I don't know if Hidekas Himaruya-san has ever drawn a Joan of Arc.
Collapse )Arthur apolagizing, for who and for what reason, I don't know. Maybe it's his fault? (I hope I offend no one by saying that) Sorry for the horrid penmanship. I wanted to wait for the week day to ask my friend--who has far better hand writing, than I--but I wanted to post this now.
I love it when Francis dresses like that, don't you think he looks nice with his hair up and that shirt on?
Lineart for those who want it. Credit if when used.</div>
My mustache brings all the girls to the

[Fanart] Russian Federation

Encouraged by a friend posting here I decided to introduce myself to the community as well with some Russia fanart. So, uh, hello. *shy bow* A first-time poster, be gentle with me.

Title: Russian Federation
Author/Artist: kata_elf
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Russia has stolen my heart quite completely, of course I had to draw him (even if it's just a silly chibi).

Collapse )

Hi! :D

Hello! I'm new here, and I come with some fanarts! :D

Characters: UK, France, America, Germany, Chibitalia, Turkey
Rating: G-Mature(?)
Warnings: Lots of sketches; some gay; also, one of the last sketches is a bit.. suggestive (Not that I intended it to be so. It just ended up that way. ._.;). Tagged this post as mature just in case. ^^; Untagged, unlocked.

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