December 10th, 2008


[Cosplay]Because 'Japan' Need More Love X3

After I got addicted to Hetalia, I couldn't stop thinking about cosplay this series X3 My plans are to Cosplay Japan and UK. So since I already have the fabric left over from my Onmyoji cosplay, I decided to start with Japan first. It only took me 12 hours (excluded the slacking of course) to finish everything. I think I should lining the jacket, I just realized it after I get it done *fails*

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APH: France and his cock
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[FANFIC] Christmas Fic

Title: Holiday Gatherings
Author/Artist: Sen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Oh geez… Whole lot of characters in this. Uh.. pairings are HungaryxAustria and SwedenxFinland, with America, England, Japan, N.Italy, S.Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, France, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and China showing up as well.
Rating: G
Warnings: Cavity inducing sap? More corn and cheese than what can be found in a flavored popcorn tin? Author has an issue keeping present and past tense usage correct?
Summary: Holiday gathering of the nations and the fluff that ensues.

Author’s Note:I was just stuck on the idea of Santa!Finland and Reindeer!Sweden and wanted to write something sweet, but I think I overshot the mark a little and it snowballed into this… thing of sugar and holiday cliché. And the random recollection of a historical even where fighting armies put down their weapons for a single day and there was just celebrating and good cheer.

There isn’t any dialogue, which is why my present and past tense usage gets screwed up here and there and is probably not consistent at all. It’s more like a observant narration of events.

So, if anyone’s still actually interested in my first horrendous contribution to this fandom… ^^;;

Also, this is dedicated to chiretto This is the gift that goes with your card sweetie~♥

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[Fanfic & Fanart] Smoke Signals - the destruction of the Danish navy

Title: Smoke Signals
Author & Artist:miiko_ashida
Characters: Denmark and Norway
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Early in the morning of August 29, 1943, Denmark chose to sink its own navy rather than let it fall into Nazi possession.

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And an illustration:

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I hope you guys enjoyed them. :)

[EDIT: I completely forgot, but here is some historical info on the actual event.]

[basara] calm...


To the people of the Hetalia community. Hello, I am your mod as well as the creator of this community, youkofujima. Though I hardly show up around the time that you guys do due to my placement, I keep an eye on this place along with my co-mod mumumugen as much as I can, and we both have to say that this is one of the best communities or even fandoms that we have ever been in. You guys are intelligent, civil, and sweet, and it really does make me want to believe something that my student said: "Hetalia will save the world."

According to your responses to mumumugen's manifesto, however, I saw the rising concern of our image to the Japanese side of the fandom.

Right now, there is a very general feeling of wonder at our reaction
towards Hetalia, some positives and agreement towards our comments/theories (as seen in the response to the NicoNico video that posted our translated comments to the scanlations). But mostly, they have as sort of wariness towards the foreign fandom as a whole, specially thanks to the issues of fanart "theft" for icon making and use of fanart or AMVs without authorization. And this is not just for Hetalia alone but also the entire non-Japanese fandoms as a whole.

With this, I along with mumumugen have drafted a plan--a project, if you will, to fill the gap and build a bridge between the western fandom and our friends from Japan. Or perhaps just help alleviate their concerns toward us.

This proposal is called the Olive Branch Project, which is to help promote and encourage lesser use of fanart that has not been given permission and/or is not credited. We will try to offer you a "healthy alternative," because not only will it improve our image, but morally, wouldn't you feel better about it, too?

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* Japanese fanart icons are not prohibited, but we encourage you to try to use one of the alternatives.
* Posting Japanese fanart asking for the source is only acceptable as long as the post is only a LINK, and you provide something of your own to justify the post.
* Posting edited fanart is simply a no-no.
* A thread will be made where artists can voice their permission to have their art to be turned to icons. You can also simply voice this when you post fanart to the community.


We understand that a lot of you have different views about using fanarts, distributing/downloading doujinshi, the netiquette of using official art, etc. Therefore, this is not a banning order or a call to arms but instead a rally to help reassure the Japanese fandom of our values/manners "on this side."

As mumumugen, as well as a large number of you have said, Hetalia is fun, and is a great way to learn and understand the cultures of the world. Cultures are what shape our rules and our wishes, therefore let us try to respect their wishes. This may be a very small issue to some of you ("It's only a 100x100 pixel image!"), but to some, it is a fundamental and necessary step.

Remember, everyone, we have to give a little sometimes, and in this case, fortunately, it's something that we can go without, and what we will gain from it will be much greater. We will have done something good for another person, or even a whole community, and, as silly as it sounds, made a little step towards making this world better. We may even find the opportunity to a greater understanding with our fellow fans from Japan, which could mean a lot of new friends. It doesn't cost a penny, either, and the potential benefits far outweigh the effort.

Please also take into consideration that it was thanks to someone from Japan that we have Hetalia in the first place. Are we going to return the favour by hurting other artists who may very well be the future creators of another series that we'll fall in love with?

Extra thanks to mumumugen for his hard work and the Manifesto.