December 11th, 2008

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[fanart] Mr. USA.

Er… hi. This is my first time posting and all. I’ve been a sort of lurker for around a week, and I’m kind of new to hetalia in general, but here I am now, and I bring fanart.

Title: Mr. USA
Artist: me
Character(s): America
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: America. That's about it.

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(actually, to be honest, I’m really new to livejournal in general. If I’m doing anything wrong, don’t hesitate to inform me.)

[fanart] Statue of Liberty I can never look at you the same way ever

Author/Artist: piratelicker
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria, Hungary, China, France, Russia, Switzerland, Prussia, Germany
Rating: G except for creepy Russia.. and Francis in a robe >_<
Summary: tegaki art batch and a pen doodle... background? What is this background you speak of?

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[FANFIC] Give Thanks

Title: Give Thanks
Author: janspace
Characters/Pairings: Lithuania/America
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fluff? Thanksgiving?
Summary: Lithuania learns how to be thankful, and how to be content. Nostalgia doesn't have to be a bad thing, even when what you are remembering is difficult.

Author's Notes: I don't actually like the holidays. Liet was just way too cute to resist. Link goes to ffnet.

( He traces a finger along the wall calendar and exclaims, "It's almost Thanksgiving!" )
►► [APH;\ it never comes easily

Q&A? History up in this biznatch.

So here is the question. Its short and simple;

Is there a place out there with a list of all the characters and summaries of their national histories prior to the world-party?

Cause if there's a NO to that; I have just completed two graduate courses on early modern Europe as well as the modern middle east and I am looking to utilize that rather intense load of information for the benefit of an awesome fandom [seriously, love you guys]. Would anyone be willing to jump on the historical bandwagon, put our knowledge together and make a pretty little chart for the Hetalia fans out there to get some history organized and floating?

A paper published on 'national character'

I'm not sure if this counts as discussion material but it was just too 'appropriate' for that to scare me off. (Also in a kind of extension of the post a while before about views on nation's stereotypes.)

Science gets the last laugh on ethnic jokes
Study shows that real personalities don’t match national stereotypes

Some snippets of the article for interest-piquing:
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Yeah, that's a reference to the "In heaven...In hell" quote that's posted at the beginning of the article, and was also the topic of a scanslation if my memory serves me.

As further discussion prodding, I might bring this up -- do the Nations embody 1) the general feelings and mindset of their country's people at any particular time, 2) the stereotypes held about that country that, according to the above study, would not likely match an average citizen of said country? or of course the obvious 3) both in some fashion.

My two cents says that perhaps the 'personality' of the Nation ends up matching to the stereotype, and their actions end up matching history. Or perhaps the 'national stereotype' is merely how other Nations typify them, and how they may even typify themselves, when in reality they're all very complex and multifaceted? *is at risk of sounding literarily pretentious XP*

Thoughts anyone?

[Fanart] Hetalia Ballet

Title: Hetalia Ballet sketches
Rating: G
Warning: ...for dancing men? And utter crack?
Characters: Germany, Italy
Summary: The titles speak for themselves, I think.
Germany/Italy Pas de Deux
More of the same -- but very rough.

Because I have recently become very interested in the idea of military/history inspired ballets. And I started imagining Hetalia as this amazing ballet...
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Colored Manga Pages

Half of it anyway 8D; I didn't manage to color a whole 4koma-- yet. And oh yeah, like a post somewhere before in the community, there doesn't seem to be any tags for colored manga pages so i just tag these according to the characters that appear in the manga pages (Battle For America & The Anglo-Japanese Aliance) . But, mostly UK.

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(no subject)

Title: doodle dump
Author/Artist: sunpeel
Character(s) or Pairing(s): er, uh. there's uh, some hawt france/america. and a little germany/italy. and what could be supposedtobeasunflower/russia.
Rating: G. Wait. PG. WAIT. PG-13.
Warnings: Pantslessness at one point. lazily drawn shit.
Summary: i just got done with my last final. so what do i do? draw. warning, these are really, er, sketchy since i did them at random exam breaks. but hey. WHO LOVES MSPAINT/TEGAKI? me.
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