December 14th, 2008


Fic: Red

Title: Red
Author: ficcyomens
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Russia
Words: 493
Rating: PG
Warnings: Russia associated craziness :D
Summary: Russia has a long history of desks, but this one is his favorite.

Link: Click here for fic!

Oh! This is my first post here! It's nice to meet all of you! I hope I set everything up properly! If I borked the html or otherwise messed up, please
let me know, and I'll fix it!

[fanart] Oekaki dump

Artist: dies_dandles
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Korea, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Japan, France
Rating: PG-13 for the pic of Kiku
Warnings: Angry!Natalia, Kiku in a compromising position (nothing's showing, though)

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As for the last portrait batch, don't worry. I'm finished three of four, but Sealand is being difficult. -.-

[Fanart] Sketch dump + Fanbook comm.

Title: Sketch Dump!
Author/Artist: bipolarbliss 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Germany, N. Italy, Chibitalia, Hungary, China, Korea, Japan, Seychelles, Poland, UK
Rating: G... PG?
Warnings: All work safe... Germany in a dress? Oh, it's pretty image heavy... just look at that role call!  Oh... and N.Italy's hair curly is probably drawn wrong.
Summary: Sketch dump and community announcement!
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FINAL ❀ semicolon
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Hetalia Icon Community

(First off, I do hope this is allowed. I read nothing in the rules against promotion, but feel free to delete this, mods, if you'd like.)

A friend and I quite recently created hetalia_icons, an icon community for Hetalia-based graphics. The comm is open to everyone, so please feel free to join or watch it. Though it's empty right now, you're very welcome to start posting. Thank you! :)
oh what a world

[Fanart] WWI: The Exciting Prequel!

Title: World War I sketchdump Part I
Author/Artist: C'est moi.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Um. A lot of them. XD;
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Image-heavy; utterly spastic artwork
Summary: So hey! Hey kids. Who here can tell me what caused World War One?

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[Fanart] Randomness~

First time posting here, hope I do things right. OTL Oh, an sorry if my english sounds weird, not my first language.

Title: -- none lol
Artist: Lanttuh
Character(s): France, USA, UK, Greece
Rating: I don't know these ratings. D'8 Maybe PG-13? Not anything too horrible
Warnings: Nekkid France
Summary: Three chibies I drew a moment ago and one older picture of Greece.

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☆ disney; mirrored rose
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[ fanart ] russia & latvia - sunflowers and pets

Title: Sunflowers & Pets
Artist: Shahnida@Deviantart
Pairing: Russia x Latvia
Rating: PG (kissing)
Warnings: ...Russia? :D
Summary: Two pics I did of Ivan and Raivis. I kind of shamelessly ship them, though in more ways than the pics may suggest, but suffice it to say, I love the characters and their interactions. Then again I love the Baltics so. :3
Iconing?: Y, linkbacks to this entry/credit would be nice and no graffiti-ing the art. :3


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And th-th-that's all for now, folks!
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[ fanfic ] [ china ]

✿china/yao + various others [ the east asian family, russia/ivan, & more ]. fanfiction, pg-13(?), au. modern day. ~2,600 words.
✿to entice; If there’s one thing about the city, it’s the noise. But it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow will forget today’s tragedy. (a memory: “this is why you’ll never be happy.”)
✿I am both mentally incapable of writing coherently and in canon. Sad!China because I’m constantly depressed by post-eighteenth century China’s history. …Now that I think about it, twentieth century China’s pretty depressing too. Kind of vaguely Russia/China but not really.

I hope this will suffice for labeling, as I did get all of the topic fields...!
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[fanart] Hungary, profile pratice

tittle: Hungary profile pratice
warning: none
characters: hungary

just a doodle :D i am thinking of coloring it later, still it does not feel much like hungary, any suggestions?

i really like the idea of the nomatic horse women that hungary once was, she is so cool <3
so she has a travling cloak on and some bruises and cuts, it means she plays hard :D and works hard :D


hetalia kink meme

December is upon us, and we at Hetalia_kink would like to offer you lovely anons, our first ever community event!
This event will run through the holidays starting December 13 - December 23.

Click here for the details

We would like to invite you all to try your hand at filling a request or two during this holiday season.
Spread the cheer and earn yourself some good karma for the coming new year.

And If you haven't heard of this fantastic community, I urge you to take a gander at us. Sit back, relax and enjoy the art or fiction that fills your kink heart with holiday joy; whether it be smut, history or lulz, we have it all.

Holiday Event Holiday Event Holiday Event Holiday Event

Didn't really know what to tag this under.

►► [APH;\ it never comes easily



Hey you guys; it the one with the crazy history-chart idea again;

So I went overboard with this and kind of took longer because well, I went further than I thought and Arabic finals consumed me, so sorry if it seems a little late but the end project looks a little something like this;


Everything is delightfully explained but I can throw some links at you now if you wish, instead of having to go to the profile. HERE and HERE is the FAQ section, I suppose if it is really necessary at all. HERE is how it is all going to play out and a mini how-to section. HERE is the rough draft of the chart and those of you who volunteered in the first post are listed, but not held to anything so its just kind of a number thing. AND HERE is a navigation area to all the countries and where you can list the information. All the information that I felt would be nice to share is listed under each nation under that link and if you feel like you want to add anything to that list, please drop a note HERE.

[[PSST; I hope the mod-approves of this. It can be removed if not!]]

[FANART] How cute you look, Tino~.

Title: Ivan's pretty doll Tino
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland, Russia
Rating: PG
Warnings: crossdressing cute Finland, Russia
Summary: From the time Finland wasn't yet independent, but had already left Su-san's house.
Ivan liked to dress up his new buddy Tino in pretty dresses.
Tino did not approve. He kind of missed his husband. But this is a problem he'd have to solve by himself.

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Oh, and this is my first post ever on any community. Huzzah for that. :3
(I do hope I was able to do this cut-thingie right. o_o'')

la belle dame sans merci

[fic] Whatever Happened to Alfred Jones?

Title: Whatever Happened to Alfred Jones?
Author: Mithrigil
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Ensemble cast, several Nations featured.
Words: 1100
Rating: Difficult to say. There is no sex, and there is no violence, and I would put it under thematic R.

This is because the timestamp is: Last Fiscal Quarter, 2001.

In light of the timestamp and the state of the world, specifically America, in that period, please read the disclaimer that precedes the story before deciding whether or not to read the story itself.

((Here's the tone, go ahead, leave a message.))
Surprise information?

[Fan Art] Class doodles

Title: Sketch dump
Artist: EskimoxonxIce
Characters/Pairings: England, Spain, America, Poland, Austria, Turkey, Korea, UK!ChibiAmerica
Rating: I PG-13 everything just to be safe =w=
Warnings: Sketchtastic. Inconsistant art style (I'm trying to find "mine"). Art style that fails to catch dramatic moments. Yellow paper. Award winning horrible handwriting. Color-blind person coloring. >___>
Summary: AP European and Teacher Cadet US History makes my Hetalia muse giggle.

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