December 17th, 2008

(short) APH doujin: End Of War

Title: End of War
Author/Artist: ME!
Characters: Germany,north/south Italy,little appearance of USA,UK
Rating:uhm,just to be safe,R?(well it can also be PG 13,but BL can be a problem in itself)

Summary: This is my Hetalia view about things at the end of WWII... well you know,allies taking down the fascist regime,Italy surrender...but about a personified nation, it can be viewed as a waking conscience?
If you wanna cry a bit,I suggest to read while listening the song"Ohne Dich"(without you) by Rammstein. ;-; (I was listening to it when I made this...the perfect song for sad Ger/Ita!)

PS:In Hetalia,"INVADING" Italy could have also mean...well you know...:P but it wasn't just in the right mood.However,I would really like to read a fanfic about this story...!


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Title: Scar Tissue
Author: blacknoise
Characters: America, UK, Japan, Canada
Rating: PG-13 for some violent imagery
Warnings: Uh... war imagery? A little implied intimacy between Arthur and Alfred (NOTHING EXPLICIT)
Summary: It is generally believed that America does not show his scars. Some nations closest to him know better.

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[Fanart] WWI: They's frontin', son.

Title: WWI Sketchdump Part II
Author/Artist: Me. Sorry.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Quite a few!
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: OBSCENELY image-heavy; unladylike language
Summary: The thrilling conclusion to this horrible thing I keep poisoning your lovely comm with. Last one for a while, I promise.

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[FANFIC] A Christmas Carol: Hetalia Style (Part 1)

For some reason, this incredibly cracky idea occurred to me yesterday as I was watching one of the many Christmas Carol movie adaptations, and I couldn't resist it, so I put together a cast list and got started. x3

Starring Germany as Scrooge, Italy as Bob Cratchitt, and quite a few other characters, I present to you the first half of "A Hetalia Christmas Carol."

Title: A Hetalia Christmas Carol
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy, America, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Prussia, Sealand, Austria, Hungary, Belarus
Rating: G
Warnings: Obviously AU. Uses human names, and I made up a last name for Ludwig so it would work better. No BL, but plenty of crack anyway (you really shouldn't think about these pairings too hard, with the exception of the obligatory Austria/Hungary) and at least one deliberate, somewhat brain-hurting continuity error (all for the sake of cute, I swear!). Also, I don't think I'm too good at writing Prussia... *sweatdrop* Sorry Gilbert...
Summary: Ludwig Dietrich, Berlin's wealthiest and stingiest man, gets a late-night visit from four mysterious spirits who warn him to set his life to rights.

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Title: Hetalia Around the World
Author/Artist: Me, but I stole the vids from youtube
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Most everyone to be honest but mostly China, Russia, America, Britain, Germany, Italy, and France
Rating: PG-13 France,being France in one of the videos fills the need to be without clothing. All you can see his his backside but PG-13 for safety's sake
Warnings: Men dancing with other men... GASP
Summary: I was surprised that no one has made this video (That I have found) I can only kinda draw and absolutelycan not animate so I had to use pre-made videos... Sorry about that. Anywho this is Around the World by ATC mized with Hetalia


[new updates] + question

Just in case no one noticed, Himaruya-san has posted two new wallpapers on the main site. One has Poland and Lithuania in the snow, and the other has Canada. :D

He also posted images for cellphone wallpaper featuring Japan, N. Italy, and Germany, and others.
(If you scroll back, he has also posted versions of Latvia in Ukraine's and Sealand's clothes, U.K in U.S's clothes, and Liechtenstein in Switzerland's clothes. Here's Korea. And Austria, Belarus, and Liet~. And Prussia. And the italies together, and then with germany. and Canada, Estonia, Austria again, Spain... etc. OH AND CANADA AGAIN. And then Austria, Prussia, and Germany.  And Greece and Japan. If someone can find the Seychelles one, I'll be grateful forever T_T  Don't forget to take note of his top banner too. And an image of Japan.)

(For the record, walls of
sexy Poland and shota  Latvia and Sealand

(also, I'm uploading conglomerates of the character profiles onto CosplayManual for better cosplay reference access. )

As for my question: When will the
new character profiles be translated? 
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[fanart+question] 3/? of requests filled!

Remember a loooong time ago, I had opened an eight-slot request thread? Well, due to the doujin I had to work on, I was not able to touch those pictures...until now.

So here are two more pictures from that request thread. And in case you have forgotten what the request was about...

Title:Author/Artist: youkofujima
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden, Turkey
Rating: PG
Warnings: Semi self-insert. But not really.
Summary: I offered up request slots for the first eight people who requested. The only things they could do was request with a name, a character, and whether they wanted "Sexy" or "cute." The request came from a meme: Take a character, use the name of the person who requested, and draw the character saying a seductive line like a host/hostess to gain the favour of the requester.

So, here is qichi's request: TURKEY. CUTE. Qichi.
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Next is kazahayakudou's request: Sweden/Sexy, Kaza-chan.
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Only one more picture to go! Previous request fills are here and here.

Also, I am planning on doing several cosplays for this year's Winter Comiket and I need some help finding wigs. Please see here for wig choices. Thank you!