December 18th, 2008

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Axis Powers Hetalia icons~!
a mix of several countries:
N. Italy
have a few samples~

Credit lulutiffany, that is a must to use.
Comments are love, but not needed.
Art Created by Hidekazu Himaruya, I do not claim to be that good ever. I just color.

Icons here~

I hope I did everything right. *hides from first post ever in comm*
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[Fanart] Art dump 2

First of all, I have to say that all the pictures are quite big. ^^''

Title : The twins
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : USxCanada (and USxUK)
Rating : PG 13
Warning : n/a
Summary : My friend asked me to draw the northern America's twins so I did this for her.

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Title : The duel
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Turkey and Greece
Rating : G
Warning : none
Summary : Another my friend's request
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The last one for today is Hong Kong (the preview is in my icon ;D).
Title : n/a
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Hong Kong
Rating : G
Warning : Ummmm...none
Summary : Hong Kong was holding (UK's) tea cup while (I assume that) getting lost in UK's vast harem... -w-
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+C: Mariebelle

[ FANART ] Prussia

Title : Dark Prussia (I cannot think of a better title x_x)
Artist : Sapphire Pyro
Character : Prussia
Rating : PG 13 ?
Warning : to those afraid of evil grins? o_O
Summary : I decided to color a Prussia doodle I did last month. I kinda changed it though.

Preview :

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vii, free

[fanart] do you know Mecha Musume?

Artist : piratelicker
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Austria/Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Russia, America, UK, France, Hong Kong
Rating : G with some crack
Warning : tegaki/oekaki/pen doodles with a slight dash of genderbender, cross-dressing, some bare thighs and some mecha involved

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covered with a white lie [APH]

[Fanfic] Choking

Title: Choking
Author/Artist: Aisu/madelineusher
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Germany, Prussia/East Germany
Rating: Er, PG-13 for some violence and language?
Warnings: The pipe is involved.
Summary: Every nation needs to have a country. Russia offers one as a gift.
A/N: Because, you know, we didn't have enough on East Germany/Prussia and his death yet. Kind of goes against meltedpeep's histories, as awesome as they are, just because I feel the need to darken everything.

( He's dying. )
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[fic] [song?] Back to Before, Imperialist Version


I hope this is permitted:

Title: Back to Before -- Imperialist Version
Authors: mithrigil and puella_nerdii
Fandoms: Axis Powers Hetalia with a song originally from Ragtime
Characters: England, about America

Concept: We have retooled the lyrics of Back to Before to suit England--what was originally a kind of feminist anthem has become a look at British Imperialism, and the tragedy therein.

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